Bluebird on Nest Pastel Sketch

bluebird easter in a nest wPress 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her Bluebird On A Nest pastel sketch.  It was painted at a time of extreme anxiety.  Old demons mixed with the new.

The blue hue in the middle ground of this painting catches your eye and draws it in to the bird’s eye.  The eyes of an animal are what attract you first.  The foreground is the nest itself, the brown hues contrasting with the blue.  The background is the wall and not well developed so as to keep the eye centered on the bird.  I love the blue of the bluebird.  Blue is a peaceful color and my favorite.  There is a bluebird on a nest on my deck!

Old demons haunted me but it’s the new demons that are the more scary today and I fear.  My painting calmed me and helped me forget for the moment.  I’ll have to write more and meditate more.  Meditation has helped but it is slowly bringing back bad memories.

This painting is done on Canson 98 lb paper and I don’t like the grooves in the paper.  I know that pastel is supposed to be done on the sides with the more prominent groove but I don’t like it!  It is an 8×10″ sketch and available framed.  Please see the Buy Now! button.

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