I remember now…a poem.

book w lilac b pixabay 500 pi

Miriam now writes a personal poem of her present day dilemma.  I bare my soul.  It may shock you.  But then maybe you will understand me better.  Writing about it heals the soul…my tattered soul.  I stand naked before you.

I remember now.

A little.

I had repressed it all.

Now I remember a little.

A small crack in the wall,

The thick wall that hides what happened.

I have to remember.

I can’t bear to think,

Let alone open a door to all the memories.

The panic has eased.

The depression has eased.

I even cried.

Slowly I heal.

I write the memories.

Slowly they will come back.

Then I will know.

What you did

To me as a child.


My babysitter.

Then I will know.

For more of my personal journey go to my website http://www.miriamsart.com and read today’s post about memories or any of the other posts.  There are tags on the top footer on anxiety and about the artist.  There you can find my personal journey.  Enjoy!



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