Canada Geese and Sunset Watercolor

canada geese n sunset WPress 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her Canada Geese in Sunset watercolor painting.  There was anxiety when she laid down the wash but the next day she was less anxious and enjoyed painting the silhouette of the trees and the Canada geese.

The focus of this painting is the three Canada geese but then the eye is drawn to the silhouette of the trees and the sunset.  The sun draws the eye down and the rolling hills of the wash bring the eye back to the Canada geese.  The foreground is the grey rolling hills, the middle ground is the geese and the trees and the background is the yellow orange sun.

I painted the wash on a day of extreme anxiety.  It was not as much of a joy as usual.  On top of that I was working on two other paintings.  The stress of three paintings distracted from the anxiety induced by new demons.  New fears haunt me.  One is that bad people will find me and hurt me.  But with calm and by staying smart I will survive!  The next day was calmer and it was a joy to paint.  I slept well and was rested.

The technical aspect of applying a dark wash was a challenge.  It took courage and bold strokes.  Then I feared that it was too dark but it dried to a lighter shade.  The orange was dark too and the two washes merge well in the painting.  The silhouette of the trees attracts the eyes as do the geese.  Small brushes were needed.  The painting is a 16×12″ watercolor painting.


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