Mourning Dove Series

mourning dove Wpress 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her Mourning Dove pastel painting.  I love this bird.  There are two nesting on my deck.  I painted to soothe my fears.  It helped!

The grey brown and brown of the mourning dove blends well with the background which is a brick wall.  The mourning dove is in the middle ground.  There are hints of blue on her feathers.  The pink foreground on a brick wall contrasts well with the brown of the bird.  She is beautiful.  This is the beginning of my Mourning Dove series.

I sketched the painting on a day of extreme stress due to anxiety.  It soothed me to draw.  I lost myself to the sketch.  The painting of the background was also done during extreme anxiety.  The bird itself as well.  I was able to loose myself a bit into the painting.  But the anxiety won.  I am not too happy with the painting.  I could have done better.

This is an approximately 12×18″ painting framed to 16×20″.  The grey brown of the mourning dove was a challenge.  I was limited by the colors of my Derwent pastel pencils.  I would have liked a softer grey rather than a brown.  It was a challenge.

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