Cougar…a pastel painting.

cougar Wpress 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her Cougar pastel painting.  The cougar is watching you!  She painted this painting at a time of extreme anxiety.  It soothed her soul to paint.  She forgot all around her as she painted.

The yellow beige eyes of the cougar capture your attention.  He is looking to the right but watching you at the same time!  What is he watching?  The grey brown of his coat contrasts well with the white of his snout.  A majestic animal.

The cougar, or mountain lion or puma in South America is endangered.  Encroachment on it’s habitat by farming is one of the reasons as is bounty hunting.  It is a nocturnal animal with a keen eye sight.  It’s range is from Yukon all the way down to South America.

I was painting this cat at a time of extreme anxiety.  I fear.  As I heal and explore the reasons for my fear, I am on a roller coaster of emotions.  Fear is the predominant one.  Painting distracts me completely and I loose myself in the painting.  With this painting I concentrated the longest on the eyes.  The eyes are a reflection of the soul of an animal and are very important!

I brought out my rembrandt black pastel for the black of the eyes and my white charcoal for the flecks in the eye.  It draws the eye immediately.  I am still working on fur and it is a challenge.  Do I render (blend) the color or do I show the individual strokes to represent individual hairs?  I rendered this painting.  I think it was the right thing to do.

This is an approximately 12×18″ painting framed to 12×18″ or 16×20″.  It depends on the matte that I lay down.  Please see the Buy Now! tab up on top of the homepage.

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