Leopard…pastel painting.

leopard WPress 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her Leopard pastel painting.  The leopard is sad…thinking of life perhaps.  It reflects the mood of the painter.

The eyes of the leopard attract you first.  She is sad.  The painter is sad.  The yellow fur of the leopard contrasts well with the black background.  The yellow fur of the foreground fills in the space.  The leopard is yellow and different from a snow leopard.

The painter was sad because of severe anxiety.  New demons were haunting her and for the first time it is reflected in the eyes of the leopard.  Her medication is helping.  The demons are more gentle and getting better.  Her painting is helping too.

The technique of the eyes is interesting.  This time there was yellow, blue and black in the eye.  Adding a black hue in between the two colors helped.  The value of the leopard head is adding to the painting.  Not much detail was added to the foreground on purpose to draw the eye to the head of the middle ground.

This is an approximately 12×18″ pastel painting that is available unframed or framed.  I strongly recommend a framed picture because it has a matte that is unique to the painting.  Please see the “Buy Now!” button.

Please like, comment or share!  I love to hear from you.  It gives me courage to keep on painting.  Please like, comment or share on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.  Enjoy!  Please see my Facebook page for WIP photos.


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