Happy Victoria Day in Canada!

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Miriam’s Art wants to wish everyone in Canada Happy Victoria Day.  It is a weekend of celebration, loved ones and travel.  Be safe on the road.

The children are home so I can’t do my usual ritual of healing.  I thought of this as I drank my tea…I completely forgot.  It was that busy.  So I will post tomorrow.  Usually I post on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays.  In the mornings on Mondays and Saturdays and around 6:00 or 7:00 pm on Thursdays.  But tomorrow I will make an exception.

I have made headway with paying my taxes.  I finally had enough courage to call them!  It’s funny!  A grown woman afraid to make a phone call!  Well it went well enough except I forgot to ask if I had paid off last year’s taxes.  I don’t know how that works.  I should be close to paying it off.  On top of that my washer is broken.  It would cost about $1000 CAD to buy an environmentally friendly washer but since my daughter offered to pay for it as my birthday and Christmas gift for the next two years, I will be getting their cheapest model.  LOL!  It never rains it pours.  I also have a car appointment coming up.  Things happen in threes they say.  I hope it’s not too expensive!  And I hope there’s nothing major to fix.  It is still under warranty!  Phew!

I have been concentrating on my writing.  My art and my art business has suffered.  I have less time to paint and I used to paint my best work in the morning.  Now the mornings are taken up with a course that helps me to stay focused and write and the writing.  I just read a post where a lady is writing triple the amount of words that I am per day!  Phew!  What a kick in the pants.  I can’t stress too much but I have to find a way to write more.  I gave myself a deadline of being finished my first draft on July 1 2017.  Well I have finished the last two chapters quickly.  The main ideas are down!  Now I have to go back and fill in some background.  I am so excited!  I have almost finished my first draft.  Then I have to edit it.  Then pay for an editor.  Then publish!  I have no idea where I will find the money but I have already written a check to myself for $10,000.00 for July 1 2019.  LOL!  Will I make that much money with a first book when no one knows who I am and when I don’t have money to pay for a publisher!?  I can dream.  It keeps me young.  So I keep on writing.  I have an idea for a second book – a shorter one that might be an ebook.  And I am already writing a third book.  Books one, two and three are a series.  Wish me luck!

So I’ll post tomorrow about my healing journey.  My children want me to heal.  I am hurting the people I love by being anxious.  I’m sorry.  I have a tear in my eye.  I will try to do better.

I am also posting at lunch time.  I don’t know if that makes a difference.  Please comment if you know.

Until tomorrow…


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