Taking stock in my healing journey.

home-office-pixabay n unsplash

Miriam has reached a new section in her workbook…Taking Stock.  I was unable to do all of the first section but it made me think and I know more about what happened to me.  It was too much though.  I need time to heal.

Part of taking stock is identifying the person who did things to you.  There were more than one!  I’ve narrowed it down to two.  What do I do about it?  Just writing down the names has helped.  I have also thought hard about what I remember so I wrote down the second name with more confidence.  Just writing it down made me feel better.  I was anxious at the time but now am calm.  I was anxious.  I have had three cups of tea and tried to think and process it.  It’s funny how memories can have such an effect on me.

Next in the workbook is how it affected my life.  But it’s all too much.  The introduction in the book said to put it aside when it became too much.  So I will.  I will give it time.

Next week I will read the Anxiety & Phobia book.  I will continue to move forward.  I will not stop.  I will survive.  I will heal!



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