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Miriam’s healing journey is on hold right now.  She is writing a book.  At first it was to be three short books, now it’s going to be one long one!

I didn’t post last night and I should have.  It was a very anxious day.  I am sorry.  New demons haunted me.  New fears.

I am also writing a book as you know.  But the first book is too short.  So now I will write my three books as one.  I was going to give the second ebook away if someone bought the first one.  But now it’s all going to be one book.

Yesterday afternoon was so anxious that I didn’t do anything but watch television.  I had too much fear.  My coping mechanism still is to watch television.  I guess I should have written the fear down.  I didn’t do this.  It was fear that a loved one would be hurt.  They are busy and active, the ones that I love.  My fear is great that they will be hurt.  The voices in my head were after them.  How do I cope with these voices?  I don’t know.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  I could write the fear down and use positive counter statements to alleviate the fear.  So there has been no evidence to support that my loved ones are being followed.  No evidence to support that they will be harmed.  Now I am calmer.

I will try to be calmer on days like this!  I will try to heal…



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