Leopard2 pastel painting.

leopard2 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her Leopard2 pastel painting.  This is the second one in a series.  I drew this on a day of extreme anxiety.  The next day was filled with joy.  A new idea.  The painting was finished on a day of extreme anxiety.

The blue yellow of the leopard’s eyes draw the viewers eye to the center of the painting.  The leopard is looking right at you.  What is he thinking?  He is ready to leap.  The foreground of his face doesn’t distract from the eyes and blends well with the rest of the body.  The background of his body contrasts well with the head.

I had extreme anxiety as I drew the leopard.  The eyes were done on a day of relative calm.  The rest of the head was done on a day of joy.  A new idea was born.  I could write a second book, this time non-fiction.  I will have to wait and see!  Old fears have resurfaced with new voices while I finished the painting.  But I stay calm.  I know how to be still.  Calm…  Still…

I tried to concentrate on the eyes.  They worked out well.  I love the blue, purple, and gold mix!  I spent a lot of time on the nose.  It still looks a bit crooked.  But better than before!

The Amur Leopard is critically endangered with only 35 left in the wild!

This is a 12×18″ pastel painting available framed or unframed.  Please see the Shop button under portfolio.


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