My healing journey…

so-flow-50859 unsplash 500 pi

Miriam shares about her healing journey.  There is calm.  I new breakthrough.  Some of my fears have all been in my mind.  Not real.  I think?

Today has been a day of calm yet with a little bit of anxiety.  I am calm.  I painted without too many distractions.  It was quiet.  So much so that it worries me.  Go figure…

A major breakthrough.  If it’s true.  So there is calm as my mind adjusts to this new reality.  I thought that I had proof about something.  But it may have all been just chance.  Maybe it was random and didn’t prove anything.  This is mind blowing.  If so then I am not in as much danger as I thought I was in.  I am safe.  But I have to be careful.  I have to be sure.  The only way to do this is to relax a little and be very observant and cautious.  So I have relaxed.  And it is quiet.  The new demons have been quiet.  The demons of the past have been almost as quiet.  When I sit still with nothing to do, my mind wanders and the demons are present.  If I am busy they are not as present.  I guess that means that I should just keep busy.  But that too is avoidance in a way.  I have to find the underlying reason for the demons.  One demon I am sure of.  I know exactly why it’s there.  The other demons I am not sure of.  So I relax and enjoy this day of relative calm.  I will be careful, cautious and observant.  Maybe it is true.  Maybe that part of my anxiety was all in my mind!  Wow!

Heal my friend heal.


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