Red Panda Eyes Pastel Painting

red panda eyes 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her Red Panda Eyes pastel painting.  It is part of my Red Panda Series.  I painted this on a day of relative calm.

The eye is drawn to the reflections in the red panda’s eyes.  They dominate the painting.  The black surrounding the eyes contrasts well with the reflections.  The white of the nose is in the foreground.  The brown and red fur of the forehead is in the background.  The whiskers of the red panda contrast well with the fur and add another dimension.

I was calm when I painted.  This is one of my better paintings.  The old touch is back.  I had lost it for a while.  My inner demons are quiet.

I painted this painting on black 98 lb Canson paper for the contrast between the fur and the background.  Also fo the contrast around the eyes and in the nose.  It looks quite good.

This is a small 5.5 x 7″ painting that will be matted to a 12 x 18″ frame.  So the pricing is the same as for an 8 x 10″ print framed.  Please leave a comment that you wish to purchase the Red Panda Eyes pastel painting.  Enjoy!


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