Lynx Pastel Painting.

lynx 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her Lynx pastel painting.  It was painted a time of disruption.  I couldn’t paint some days.  Slowly I am facing my fears!

The gold of the lynx eyes draws the eye to the center of the painting.  The multi-colors of the lynx distract the eye from the main focal point.  The green black of the background contrasts well with the brown grey of the lynx.

I was facing one particular fear and couldn’t write or paint.  It was all to much.  On top of that I was exhausted!  It is tiring!  But then I drew a shield of courage and I could paint again.  It’s taking a lot of courage to face my fears!

The reason that I am painting a lynx is to understand the difference between a lynx and a bobcat.  I think the lynx has longer black tufts on it’s ears whereas the bobcat is smaller than a lynx.  Interesting!  Next is a pastel painting of a barn owl for one of my daughters.  July is also National Watercolor Month so I’ll be painting watercolors.  However I won’t be painting one a day as some artists are doing!  I have included a link for The Dreaming Zebra Foundation where donations can be given for children interested in art or music.  Please consider donating!

My daughters are my best critics.  They pointed out some flaws that I fixed.  For a first attempt I am proud.  The multi-colors were difficult to paint.  I did no blending of the separate colors.  I did a bit of blending around the black of the mouth and blended all of the background.  I am quite pleased with the background.



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