My healing journey…

barn owl Liisa 500 pi

I share this post with my finished Barn Owl pastel painting.  It is not for sale.  I had to design a dagger for my story since there was a scene at night.  I have had one stressful day.  I won’t be posting Saturday.  I’m busy this weekend.

My story with me as the heroine is progressing.  I was able to write a section where Owen, the evil half demon, attacked Miriam at night.  She had a dagger under her pillow.  Therefore I had to design a dagger!  It is shown below:

daggar 500 pi

At first Miriam was frozen in terror.  She couldn’t move and couldn’t speak.  Then she curled her fingers around her dagger which was always hidden under her pillow at night.  She stabbed Owen and Ethan (one of her six men) and his men woke up to Owen’s scream.  They then chased Owen out of the encampment.  Owen had used witchery to get past the night watchmen.

So my story is progressing slowly.  I will keep you posted.

I forgot to take my night medication last night.  This morning I was stressed because having to deal with knee pain and my fears was all just too much for me!  I took two extra strength tylenol and faced my fears.  I had to go see the doctor.  It has always been stressful.  I fear that bad people will get my name and address.  The doctor increased my medication and for the first time I felt relieved.  I think it actually does help.  To spoil myself because I faced my fear and made it to my doctor’s office, I bought myself a mocha latte to go.  I drank it at home as I relaxed.  Whew!  What a morning.  I painted and I wrote in my journal.  I also rated my fears.  All of this helped.  Then when I got home painting helped me to relax from it all.  I will survive.  Slowly I heal!

I have posted the finished Barn Owl.  I’m sorry but it’s not for sale.  It’s a gift for my daughter.  I have ordered a cell phone case from Case Station with the design for her.  It was $43.99 USD or $56.87 CAD.  I’ll post a picture when it comes in.

I painted the Barn Owl with some days having extreme anxiety and others were calmer.  As usual I lost myself in the art.  This is when my subconscious works on the problems I am facing.  It is very therapeutic.  One day I was facing three major fears but forgot everything as I concentrated on the Barn Owl.

I’m sorry I won’t be posting on Saturday.  I am busy.  I have quite the weekend planned!  I’ll fill you in on Tuesday.  Until next week…


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