Courage and Mindfulness.

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Today Miriam talks of her meeting with her counselor.  They talked of courage and women that were heroes.  Miriam also started doing mindfulness sessions again.

My counselor and I talked of heroes.  I don’t know many heroes.  I thought of movie characters like Eowyn of Lord of the Rings or Laura Croft of Tomb Raiders.  Then I tried to think of other heroes.  One was Madame Cure because she won a Nobel Peace Prize.  Then I thought of Mahala the Afghan young women that stood up for education of women and was shot by the Taliban in her own country.  My counselor knew her name.  Then my counselor suggested Nujood Ali who obtained a divorce from an arranged marriage at the age of ten.  Both of Mahala and Nujood have written a book.  I will be buying Nujood’s book soon.  So all of these women exhibited great courage to do what they did.  The last two especially so because they are so young.  I am courageous too.  It takes a lot of courage to face my fears.

My counselor told me to make a warrior’s mask next.  I will make it out of paper mache.  I will paint it and paint jewels on it.  It will be my mask of courage.

I had my cup of hot tea with milk afterwards.  I just sat there and tried to remember the important parts of the conversation.  Then I looked up Nujood’s and Mahala’s boos on Amazon.  I still have to go out and get a balloon to make my mask tomorrow.  And I’ll be buying Nujood’s book.  Courage my friend.  Heal my friend heal!

I couldn’t read.  I just needed some time to think.  And instead of painting I did some mindfulness.  The stilling of the mind to listen and concentrate on your breath.  A time of healing.  I also listened to the introduction to yoga.  I am going to try and do yoga every morning before I start my day.

I am facing a new fear and I am using the chart below.  Slowly I am exposing myself to that fear repeatedly and as I do so, my initial fear subsides.  Slowly I heal.

Record of Fears, Beliefs and Thoughts

Until Thursday…take care!


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