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You may well ask what #ME TOO means.  It’s breaking the silence about sexual abuse and showing you that it’s more prevalent than you think.  An American film producer has been exposed as having abused women.  He’s not the first celebrity in the news who has done this.  People are posting #ME TOO on social media to show that they too have been sexually abused.  Sexual abuse is more prevalent than you think.  Instead of saying that women are raped one should say that men rape women.  Put emphasis on the culprit rather than the victim.  However even women can be sexual abusers.

But enough of my rant.  Back to my healing journey.

I have had great anxiety in my life.  In 2013 it became a lot worse.  My fight or flight mechanism is totally out of whack because of the fear I felt when I was a child and was abused.  My fear was that great.  Now my body has decided that I need to heal from that and I had blocked it all out for a long time.  I realize now that my abuser must have threatened me for me to fear so much.  I even feared for my loved ones. So my abuser might have threatened them too.  It’s terrible what abuse does to an individual.  Years, no decades later a problem arises.  Be kind to one another.  How can I say that and get people to do it?  Don’t force people and don’t harm them.  Walk in harmony with your fellow man.  Peace.


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