Taking a day off…Haha!


Taking a day off…Haha!

samuel-scrimshaw-361563 500 pi

I have been avoiding my healing exercises about negative thoughts and yes even about blocking.  I took the day off yesterday.  Slowly I heal.

Over 20 negative beliefs have shaped my life and now I have to figure out positive affirmations to help deal with them.  That is over 20 positive affirmations.  I am at a loss of how I can implement that many.  I am overwhelmed.  Plus when I block I do it subconsciously.  I sometimes don’t know what I fear because I don’t think of it consciously.  I just go about my life and do things.  But I’ve been blocking for a long time.

I work hard at healing for my children and especially for one.  She helped me to see how important it was.  However I have to apologize to you and to her.  Yesterday I took the day off.  I was walking in the mall and came across a flavored popcorn store.  I bought two types of popcorn, came home and rented a movie when I should have been working on my healing stuff.  I admit!  I played hooky and did not work.  But we all have to do that sometimes.  I watched The Hitman’s Bodyguard.  It was an action film and pretty good.  I even had a diet coke!  Just like at the movies!  Haha!

So please forgive me but today I feel a lot better.  Less anxious.  More light hearted.  Slowly I heal…


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