Thank you for your likes and follows in 2018.

Thank you 2018 500 pi

Miriam’s Art would like to thank you for 2018!  You mean a lot to me.  Writing this blog is very therapeutic.  Enjoy the photo and Thank you!

This is a painting of mine.  I paint pastel paintings to distract myself from inner voices.  This blog has been very therapeutic in that I can share about my mental illness.  I am delusional and I hear voices.  Presently the inner voices are at war with me because I no longer talk to them and I merely try to observe.  I pray that the inner voices will learn to co-exist with me.  That is my goal for 2019.

Writing about your mental health issues is very therapeutic.  I recommend it to anyone with a mental illness.  I publish anonymously under Miriam’s Art.  Perhaps a pseudonym could help you.  It helps to express what is happening to you.  It heals.  I thank everyone who has liked my blog or followed me in 2018.  It has been crucial in my healing.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Always keep fighting!  Slowly I heal.



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