Moonlight Pastel Painting.

moonlight 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her Moonlight pastel painting.  It is the first try on reflected moonlight.  I am having extreme anxiety.  Slowly I heal.  The painting is helping.

The moon attracts the viewer’s eye immediately.  The reflected white on the blue water is peaceful.  The black silhouette of a tree and it’s black reflection also capture the viewer’s attention.

This painting was done over a couple of days.  I was suffering from extreme anxiety and the painting helped to soothe that anxiety.  I am calmer now.  God and good people have helped.  I have the help of delusional characters that are loved ones.  It is a time of joy and a time of fear.  Slowly I heal.

I am attempting to paint from my imagination sometimes.  It takes practice!  I love moonlight reflected in water and will do more.

The moon shimmers well.  I blended white and light grey on a blended blue background.  The reflection of the moon shimmers well.  The clouds, however, need better detail.  The black silhouette of the tree and it’s reflection contrast well with the blue of the lake.




Hummingbird via Penmanship.

hummingbird cropped 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her first Hummingbird via Penmanship.  It was painted at a time of extreme anxiety mixed with joy.  Enjoy!

The vibrant green, purple, pink and yellow of the hummingbird catch the viewers eye.  The black eye and beak contrast well.

I am experiencing anxiety.  My delusions involve children who are being saved.  Many children.  It’s as if I don’t have enough and have to spread my love to many.  With God’s help and the help of good people, the children are saved.  A hell horror and vampires are involved too.  Human sacrifice at dawn is a horror that exists!  May God help us all.  Slowly I heal.  My delusions are better now in that I have a Lesser God helping me directly while a Good Dominant and God battle the worst evil.

This drawing was done with a Sharpie pen, fine point.  The outline and stippling were done with the pen as well as the beak and feet.  The rest is watercolour paint.  I did the stippling before painting and then as a finalizing touch.  I’m quite pleased with the effect.


Blue N White Wave Practice Painting.

blue n white wave 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to show her Blue n White Wave practice pastel painting.  It was painted at a time of extreme stress.  Slowly I heal.

The black of the wave silhouettes well against the white of the wave.  The pale blue of the wave blends in with the darker blue background.

This was painted on A Day.  A day of stress.  I patiently listen to my delusions and try to figure out what is wrong.  Sometimes I am swept away but my family bring me back to reality.  So do my pets.  Thank God for my family and pets!  Thank you, God.

I painted this from a reference painting.  I painted the white first, then the black and finally the blue around them.  I didn’t blend the black with the blue but left it stark against the white.  I did blend the white with the blue and it silhouettes well against the darker blue background.  The sort of looks like a wave.  I need more practice.  Enjoy!


Mountain Scene with Flowers Pastel Painting.

mountains and sax opp 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her Mountain Scene with Flowers.  She battles constantly with inner voices.  Slowly she heals.

The blue of the reflected sky on the mountain lake attracts the eye of the viewer.  It is immediately drawn to the blue sky.  Then the white of the mountains in sunlight captures our view as we look at the mountains.  Finally, the beige white of the rocks in the foreground draw our eye as does the red of the mountain flower that I love.  It is also an arctic flower.  Mountain Scene with Flowers.

I battle with my inner voices, my delusions.  We are fighting a great evil and bad men.  It causes stress as I fear for even children.  But they are delusions.  I try to understand what they are saying to me.  This is a challenge and I must calm my fears to try to understand.  Slowly I heal.

This painting was a challenge.  The mountains worked out well, however, the cliffs were a bit of a challenge and I need more practice with that.  The clouds were a challenge but worked out well.  The red flowers were easy but the green around them was a challenge.  Slowly I get better.

This landscape holds a special place in my heart.  The flower is an alpine flower as well as an arctic flower.  I studied it in the Arctic as a research assistant.  Mountains always hold a special place in my heart.  I have hiked them.  Sadly my knees are now so bad that I could only do day hikes.  I can no longer carry a heavy pack.  Enjoy your life while you can!  You never know what will happen and things you loved to do may be out of your grasp.  Life has hard lessons at times.


Old Man Watercolor Painting.

old man 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her Old Man watercolour painting.  It was done at a time of extreme anxiety.  Slowly I heal.

The blue stare and its reflections draw the viewers eyes immediately.  The dark brown hair and beard contrast well against the beige skin.

This was done at a time of extreme anxiety due to the delusions in my mind.

Painting a face is easier than I had imagined.  I didn’t have the time to put on the finishing touches.  I painted the eye without frisket and am quite pleased with it.


Kitten Pastel Painting.

kitten 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her Kitten pastel painting.  It was painted at a time of extreme anxiety.  Slowly I heal.

The white reflection in the kitten’s black eyes immediately draws the viewers attention.  The bright white, beige and yellow fur draw the eye in further.  The cute pink button nose also attracts the eye.  The silhouetted computer screen and kitten’s body are in the background.

I speak of love today.  The love of God and a good dominant lover.  They both protect me from evil.  The Evil One is dead and in hell but still attacks people in my mind.  It is my belief in God and in the good that keeps me stable and decreases my fear.

I spoke to my daughter and my last post upset her.  She fears that my delusions are taking over my life again.  The fantasies calmed down after I had talked to her.  I talked to my psychiatrist and he said to wait until I talk to my psychologist.  I have a meeting tomorrow.  The problem is that I am maxed out on my medication and I’d have to completely change my medication to increase my dose, which might make things worse.  My psychiatrist said if things got really bad to come in immediately.  But my fantasies have calmed down and are not as in control of my life.  Miriam is in control.

I started reading The Red Book by C. G. Jung.  It talked of his fantasies and how he spoke to his fantasies.  My psychologist recommended it to me.  Jung spoke to his fantasies throughout his career and that is how he developed modern day thought on dream archetypes.  He is a great psychologist and had fantasies just like me.  So I am not strange or that ill.  It has happened to other people.  I am still reading the book and trying to communicate with my subconscious.

My psychiatrist said that stress may be affecting my paranoia.  My daughter is moving out, my roof needs to be fixed and we had a death in the family.  However, I am also trying to connect with my subconscious.  She is calm I think but my fantasies are under a lot of stress.  I’m not sure what is causing the stress.  I will keep you posted.  Slowly I heal.

This painting was a challenge.  It is the first time that I paint the shadow of something on black paper.  The shadow of the computer and the kitten’s body came out quite well.  I painted it, rendered it and then erased to leave a smudge of pastel.  It worked out quite well I think.


Stonehenge Pastel Painting.

Stone Henge 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her Stonehenge pastel painting.  It was inspired by the summer solstice.  I am battling inner voices.  Slowly I heal.

The shooting star attracts the attention of the viewer.  And immediately the eye is drawn to the stonehenge.  It is a majestic grey and black structure that symbolizes witchery around the world.  It contrasts beautifully with the blue night sky filled with stars.  The green grass in the foreground contrasts well with the stonehenge as well.

I am battling inner voices.  It is my subconscious upset at me.  It is too much.  I can make it but I need help from God and the good.  One lover is still bad but trying to be good.  So bad he is attacking children.  God I need your help!  Another lover is strong and helping.  It is war to protect children.  It’s a battle that I hope will see a happy ending.  Slowly I heal.

This painting was done at a time of extreme anxiety.  Painting it helped my tattered soul.  Slowly I heal.  I weep for the children for some are mine.  Slowly I heal.

Yellow Rose Watercolour Painting.

yellow rose 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her Yellow Rose watercolour painting.  It was painted at a time of joy and reflection.  Slowly I heal.

The white of the edges of the yellow rose petals immediately attracts the viewer’s eye.  Then the yellow petals move the gaze down to the darker orange petals.  This gives the rose depth.  A beautiful yellow-orange rose.

This painting was done at a time of joy.  My inner fantasies have children in them, many of them mine.  Children are a source of joy and a wonderful part of life.  They are also a great responsibility.  It tires me sometimes to worry for so many.  My own children are travelling today.  Safe travels my loved ones!  Slowly I heal.

This is my second recent attempt at a rose.  The petals are difficult but the more I do the better I get at it.  This is a half decent attempt.  I will do a poppy soon.  I have decided that watercolour is the best for a flower with a crisp thin edged petal.  But I’ll still try it with pastels and see how it works!


Raven Pastel Painting.

raven 500 pi

Miriam’s Art shows her Raven pastel painting.  It was done on a day of stress.  Enjoy!

The glint in the raven’s brown eye captures the viewer’s attention immediately.  The detail of the brown and grey feathers is interesting.  The different shades of grey of the beak are impressive.

Today is a day of calm.  I am honoured by people in my fantasies.  People of old.  It is my collective subconscious talking to me.

Painting the raven on black paper was interesting.  The grey background contrasts well with the black of the bird.


Ravens…pastel and watercolor.


Miriam’s Art is comparing her two Raven paintings.  The first one is pastel and the second is watercolour.  Which do you like best?  Enjoy!

I have decided to start a new series:  Ravens.  This blackbird has always interested me.  It is so majestic and if it had had colour would have been more revered by ornithologists.  But alas, it is simply black in colour.  It is in Indian tales and often associated with bad.  But none the less, a beautiful bird.