Autumn Leaves and Girl Watercolor WIP.

autumn leaves and girl 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to show you her Autumn Leaves and Girl watercolor work in progress.  This painting will be much darker once finished.  It was painted at a time when I was hurrying due to anxiety.  Enjoy!

The eyes of the portrait grasp your attention immediately.  The groundwork of the leaves and the face are in place.  The dark background will be much darker once the painting is done.  The autumn leaves provide a contrast to the dark background.

I was hurrying when I was painting this watercolor.  I was more stressed than usual.  As you may know I am writing a book.  My first book.  It’s title is Martha.  Martha is at a stage of stress in her life and writing about it made me even more stressed.  Up to now writing the book has been therapeutic but since it’s a romantic suspense I had to put some suspense into the book.  Well it affected my anxiety.  It made me more stressed and I was hurrying to get this watercolor painted.  I caught myself and forced myself to calm down.

This is the first time that I am painting a face.  I lay the light colors down first and slowly added hues.  I will paint the leaves a much more reddish brown but the basic shapes are there.  I also tried a new technique.  I lay down a purplish black for the background and then painted over with brown.  It had an interesting effect.  We’ll see if I like this painting once it’s done.

My art hasn’t been my prime focus and I finally figured out why.  Usually I write in the morning, then I eat and feed the dogs.  After that I try to walk.  And then I usually would paint.  But since I am drinking a protein shake for breakfast I have been reading when I eat.  I’m not set up with a cup holder at my painting table.  This brings the book which I would usually pick up late morning into focus early in the morning.  So I am tempted to read instead of paint.  I have to force myself to paint now which has never happened before.  I have to make a conscious decision that it is now time to paint.  I don’t like this change to my habits.  Reading tires me and doesn’t soothe my soul the way that painting does.  I really don’t know what to do about this.  If you have any suggestions please comment below!

Have a good weekend.  We are expecting snow this afternoon.  I may have to shovel in the morning!  🙁


Cream Water Droplet WIP.

cream water droplet 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to share her Cream Water Droplet Work In Progress pastel painting.  She is painting less.  Is this a good sign?  Slowly she heals.

This is a complicated water droplet painting.  It has many water droplets in focus and then the background has even more blurred.  The technique of blurring them will be interesting.  There is a slight blue hue to the main water droplet as you can see.  Hopefully there is not too many droplets in this one.  I’ll see.

This painting was started at a time of low anxiety.  It is a time of joy!  I am walking more so I have less time to paint.  The weather is beautiful and nature has always been a source of joy.  In addition I am reading more.  I enjoy romances.  All of this combined means that I am painting less.  This may signify that I don’t need to paint as much.  My anxiety is so much less now.  The painting however still soothes my soul.  I am doing more in my home and getting out more.  For example there is an Author Meet and Greet at my library today that I am going to.  I am actually going to mingle with the public!  With people that I don’t know.  Wish me luck!  Slowly I heal.

Crouching Leopard Pastel Painting.

crouching leopard 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her Crouching Leopard pastel painting.  It was a joy to paint this magnificent creature.  Enjoy!

The stare of the leopard immediately catches the attention of the viewer.  The golden fur interlaced with black dots is magnificent.  The white of the mussel contrasts well with the golden fur.  The value on the muscles creates depth.  The light golden high lighted areas of the leopard contrast well with the shadows.  The shadows creates a three dimensional illusion of form.  The pale yellow background contrasts well with the golden hue of the leopard and the dark hue of the branch that it is sitting on.

I painted the crouching leopard with a feeling of joy.  Here was something that I understood well.  The muscles of a big cat.

The dark corners of the background is a new technique for me and works quite well.  It gives the two dimensional painting an illusion of depth.  I painted the leopard by sections so that the amount of black dots didn’t overwhelm me.

This is an approximately 12×18″ painting.  It is available for sale on my website under the Shop button.  Then click on Portfolio.  It can be bought unframed or framed.  Delivery charges are additional.  Enjoy!

Framed Elephant Watercolor.

elephant wc 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to show you her matting and framing abilities.  Enjoy!

Here I have framed an elephant watercolor.  It’s quite easy to matte and frame.  I have the choice of black, white, grey or a green matte.  It all depends on the frame.  I usually by a dark frame although you can get brown, white or even blue frames.  The matte color has to take into consideration the color of the frame.  I went to Michaels to buy this 16×20″ frame.  It cost about $100.00 CAD.  The matte I think is about $15.00 CAD for a large sheet.  It takes a special matte cutter to give you the nice bevel cut.  It’s hard on the back.  I framed two paintings today.  With pastel paintings you have to leave a gap between the painting and the matte because the pastel chalk tends to fall and may accumulate on your glass if you don’t matte it properly.  Enjoy!

Crouching Leopard WIP and my healing journey.

crouching leopard 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to show her Crouching Leopard WIP pastel painting.  She is also doing so much more recently and has not had time to post.  Slowly she heals but has to take a day to rest.

The stare of the crouching cougar draws you immediately to the painting.  You can see the way I do the background…it isn’t blended in smoothly yet.  And you can see that I am doing the crouching leopard in sections.  The black dots would have been too much but if I do it section by section it is easier.

Lately I have been doing too much.  Usually I either walk or run an errand in one day.  Never both.  Recently I have done doing both.  And I have been walking for five days this week.  So I’ve either done too much or the physical exercise is affecting my medication.  I was very tired yesterday and got overly anxious.  And I had taken my medication as prescribed.  So today I am not walking.  And I won’t see my friend next week probably.  Although I do have Thanksgiving supper planned.  Hopefully that won’t be too stressful.  So I have forgotten to nurture me.  Today I take a day off.  I might go out for a mocha latte.  That is how I treat myself.  Or I just might have hot tea with milk!  I am even too tired to go out.  This has taught me that I have to do things slowly and not too much in a week.  Slowly I heal.

I have tried to paint more this week.  And not just read.  Reading tires me more than painting does.  Painting is soothing to the soul.  This painting should be done by the end of next week.  I love the look in the leopard’s eyes.  And I love the color of the leopard.  Enjoy!

Blue Water Droplet Pastel Painting.

blue water droplet 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her Blue Water Droplet pastel painting.  It was a relief to paint such a simple thing.  Slowly she heals.

The reflected white of the water droplet immediately attracts the viewer’s eye.  The dark blue and black of the water droplet contrast well with the reflected white.  The white and black tufts of the plant bring a further dimension to the painting.  The blue and dark blue background contrast well with the water droplet itself.

After the detailed painting of the clouds, this water droplet was a joy to paint.  It was quickly and simply done. Painting it brought all the healing that my painting had previously given me.  It was a joy.

Water droplets intrigue me.  That is why I have started painting them.  Painting the reflected surface is always a challenge.  I think I did well.  The white reflection defines the water droplet.

This is a 12×18″ painting.  It is available for sale.  Pricing can be found under the Shop Now option on my website under Portfolio (at the top of the page).


Cougar and My Healing Journey.

cougar 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her Cougar pastel painting.  In addition she shows her Seagulls and Clouds pastel painting.  She also talks of her healing journey.  Enjoy!

I am sorry I didn’t post on Saturday.  My daughter had to borrow my computer for the weekend!  I have it back now.  Yahoo!

The goldish brown cougar magnificently perches on a branch.  Will he spring towards the viewer.  No one knows!

I also finished the cloud painting that I was having so much trouble with.

seagulls n clouds 500 pi

As you know a Facebook post inspired me to try this.  However I could not use the technique showed in the post.  I don’t know where that man obtained his eraser but it doesn’t exist in my town.  So I tried to use white pastel to highlight the clouds.  Then for more contrast I used black.  This is my first attempt at clouds.  The birds are done with acrylic paints and they give depth to the painting.

I have been reading more … that is romance fiction.  This has made me more aware of my surroundings.  I used to paint and not really consciously think of my surroundings and my illness.  I healed at times but I didn’t really think about it all the time.  Now I am more aware and can be more critical.  In addition my children and my home were enough to keep me happy.  Now I am reaching out to a good friend.  The circle of support around me expands.

I heard of a meditation technique today.  One should sit or lay down in a comfortable position.  Then the individual should take many deep breaths and concentrate on the breathing.  Do you feel the pulse.  Then they should concentrate on where there body meets the chair or couch and concentrate on that part of their body.  All the while breathing deeply.  Then one should expand one’s thoughts and think of the room that they are in.  Concentrate.  Then think of the house that you are in.  Concentrate.  Then think of looking down at your house from above.  Then think of being in the sky and looking down at your house.  Then think of being in space and looking down at your hemisphere.  Think of looking down at yourself.  Breath deeply.  Then think of being above your house and looking down.  Then think of being in the room and looking down.  Then think of the parts of your body touching the chair.  Then 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 open your eyes.  And breath.

This meditation technique takes you out of the moment and out of your body.  Where you can think of other things than what is bothering you.  You are free of your body for a moment.

Cougar WIP Pastel Painting.

cougar 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to show her Cougar WIP pastel painting.  She took the time to paint today.  It’s a much better way of calming down than reading.  Slowly she heals.

The cougar is resting on a branch sloping downwards.  The powerful musculature of the cat is evident in the painting.  It is a majestic animal.  The grey branches support the cougar.

I have been avoiding painting because I have been too stressed and tired.  Now that I am walking almost every day the calm of the morning is no longer used for painting.  Then I read when I get home and I have been neglecting my painting.  The painting soothes my nerves a lot better than reading and it’s not as tiring.

I am trying a new technique with the background of this majestic big cat.  I just want to add a hint of light.  But I have to erase it more to give it a hazy look.  Light not quite in focus.  The branches that the cougar is not perched on should be hazy too so I have to work on them more.  I am going to define the musculature more in the cat.  It’s hard to see it under the skin.

This is a work in progress (WIP).  Not the finished painting.  I’ll be posting the finished painting later.  Enjoy!

Seagulls Watercolor Painting.

seagulls wordpress 500 pi

Miriam’s Art shows her Seagulls watercolor painting once again.  She is trying a new technique and hasn’t finished the painting yet.  Here is one you have seen before.

I am trying a new technique to paint clouds and seagulls.  It’s new and the first attempt didn’t work out too well.  So I am redoing it.  Waves are just as hard as clouds to paint.  It takes a special skill.

I am calmer now.  Able to do things like pay bills.  I bought some pastel pencils for myself.  One of my daughters pitched in for my birthday.  They were expensive but I need them for my art.  I still have to read the chapter about believing that it happened to you.  I might do that today.  I am resisting.  I get so tired and emotional that I have to pick the right moment.