World Wildlife Day!

It is World Wildlife Day!  Miriam’s Art is pleased to exhibit her Mountain Lion pastel painting.  This is a 12×18″ original pastel painting.  Enjoy!

Since 2013 the United Nations has set this day as World Wildlife Day.  This year it honors big cats.  The cougar, puma or mountain lion is considered a big cat because of it’s prowess as a hunter.  So, following Josh Gross’ lead in The Jaguar I have decided to exhibit my artwork of a mountain lion to commemorate this day and to raise awareness that many animal species are at the brink of extinction.  We need to address issues of climate change and deforestation to protect wildlife. While the mountain lion is not endangered it is in a vulnerable state in most of North America.

For more information and an article by The Jaguar about the Mountain Lion Foundation click here!


Snow Leopard Eye Pastel Painting.

snow leopard eye 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her Snow Leopard Eye pastel painting.  I painted this on a day of relative calm.  There was some subconscious anxiety though.  I am working through a major issue.

The blue, white and purple of the eye draw the viewers attention to the eye immediately.  The detail is captivating and contrasts well with the middle ground.  Since this is a close up the middle ground is the face of the snow leopard.  The white grey of the fur contrasts well with the blue of the eye.  The black spots of the leopard contrast beautifully with the white grey fur.

I am at a cross roads.  I think that I will take legal action about my abuse.  But it will only be a complaint.  I have to inform myself of what this will mean professionally.  My counselor knows someone who knows.  I am blocked with fear.  Fear of going in and fear of what the abuser might do to me if he finds out!  So I paint.  I paint to forget the fear and to build up courage.  My counselor has helped to give me clarity of thought to figure out what I want to do.  It will be some kind of third party complaint.  Which means that there won’t be an investigation probably but the complaint will be on file.

The snow leopard is an endangered big cat.  The main predator is man and the encroachment of farming on it’s habitat.  With education farmers can live in harmony with the snow leopard.  It is my favorite big cat.

The technique of painting the eye was challenging.  It is my first eye with so much detail.  The different colors were challenging.  So were the white swirls.  The black of the eye is done with a Rembrandt soft pastel.  I also tried to contour the head with respect to the skull.  I am trying to do better at this.  The white highlight in the fur around the eye is where there is fat to cushion the eye itself.  The value at the nose gives the painting more depth.

This is about a 6×7″ painting that will be framed to 12×18.  It is a special size so it is priced as an 8×10″ print but state that it is for the snow leopard eye pastel painting.  Please email me if you are interested or go to the Shop and Portfolio tab above.  This is the second in my big cat eye series.

This painting has soothed my soul.  It has given me peace.  I hope that it does the same for you!  Enjoy!

Cheetah pastel painting.

cheetah 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her Cheetah pastel painting.  I painted this painting on days of extreme anxiety.  I tried positive counter thoughts to ease that anxiety.

The golden brown eyes of the cheetah draw the viewers eye to the center and middle ground of the painting.  The beige yellow fur reflects the golden brow of the eyes.  The black spots contrast markedly against the beige of the fur.  The beige of the background blends well with the beige gold of this lesser cat.

I drew at a time of extreme anxiety.  New demons and old fears.  The attention I gave to the proportion of the distance between the eyes and the length of the nose and the height of the brow absorbed me and made me forget my fears.  I was at peace.  The attention to the beige and yellow made me focus and forget my fears.  The attention to the black spots made me focus and forget my fears.  As I painted I felt the anxiety drain away.

Technically this lesser cat was a challenge.  But I am finally getting the proportions right!  The distance between the eyes compared to the length of the nose and the height of the brow are important.  My family is my greatest critic and they say this is my best lesser cat yet!

The cheetah is endangered and it’s biggest predator is man.  Also encroachment on it’s habitat by farming is putting this lesser cat at higher risk.  The cheetah is not considered a big cat because it can’t roar.  It’s missing a bone in it’s throat to do this.  It is known as the fastest feline in the world.  It has also been tamed often, sometimes as a hunting animal.  Please protect the cheetah now!

This is an approximately 12×18″ pastel painting.  It will be matted to a smaller size though.  It is available for purchase.  Please see the Shop now option on the top tool bar and choose Portfolio.

Hopefully you have appreciated this painting rather than a post about my healing journey.  I am too busy today to do  my usual healing reading.  Please accept this painting in it’s place.  Enjoy!

Earth Day – April 22.

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Today is Earth Day.  A time to reflect and think of how to protect the only planet we have.  I usually plant a tree on Earth Day but have run out of space.  I think that I will plant wildflowers instead to give places for bees to feed and pollinate.

It is a well known fact that a walk in nature soothes the mind.  Mental health is important and people should know that a walk in nature can often change our murky thoughts and the exercise will release endorphins which will make us feel better.  A simple walk in the woods…oh the freedom!

Children should be taught to appreciate nature by taking them on nature walks and stimulating their curiosity about simple things that can be seen on the walk.  A caterpillar in it’s cocoon, a bird chirping…what is it singing?  A child that has a link with nature will protect the planet in the future.  A child who has not experienced nature will not!  Think!

How can we protect the planet?

Plant a tree.

Plant wildflowers in your flower garden for the bees.

Carpool and run multiple errands on one trip.

Don’t idle the engine.  Turn it off.  Avoid drive throughs.

Lower the thermostat in the winter and raise it in the summer.

Invest in renewable energy such as solar and wind power.

Reuse, refurbish and recycle.

Buy local and reduce the carbon footprint of our food.  That means the carbon that was burned to grow it or to distribute it.

Buy items that have a small carbon footprint…ie buy Canadian or American when in North America.  Buy from industry that doesn’t burn carbon fuel or that has environmental stewardship.

Don’t fly…take the train!

These are just a few suggestions.  If you have more please comment below and I’ll add them to a list.  Remember we have only one planet and our grandchildren will inherit it from us!  Please like or share on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.  Enjoy!