Poinsettia Watercolor Painting.

poinsettia 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her Poinsettia watercolor painting.  She was avoiding painting but forced herself to paint knowing that it soothed her.  Slowly she heals.

The vibrant red of the poinsettia immediately draw the eye to the flower.  What a festive color!  The darker blue of the background contrasts nicely with the red and adds depth.  The green and brown of branches also add depth.  As do the different shades of deep red.

I painted this when I didn’t want to paint.  Reading had taken over my life completely.  But I find that reading tires me and then my illness is worse.  So now I will force myself to paint.  Watercolor does not come naturally to me although I was tempted by it.  I may try some more next.  I enjoy watercolor and the effect.  However it is a challenge.

This is a simple 8×8″ painting.  It was quickly done.  I will be using this image to print Christmas cards.  I am contemplating painting individual cards in the future rather than printing images of my paintings.  It’s just an idea.  Enjoy!


Cream Water Droplets Pastel Painting.

cream water droplets 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her Cream Water Droplets pastel painting.  This painting was a challenge but a joy once it was done.  I am fascinated by the way water droplets reflect light.  Enjoy!

Sorry I didn’t post on Saturday because I was having issues with my computer.  It’s fixed now though.  Also I’m avoiding healing right now.  I read a book that scared me.  I have to deal with that first.

The dark value of each cream water droplet draws the eye and the eye continues to be enticed by the reflected light on top of the droplets.  The blue lines of the dandelion seed on which some of the droplets rest or dangle is a nice contrast to the cream droplets and background.  The great number of droplets makes this painting interesting and attractive to the eye.

This painting was done with joy at first.  It was a relief to be painting simple spheres.  But then the shear number of spheres made it a challenge.  That’s when I became anxious.  I stopped using the picture as a guide in the end and only added value as I knew it should be added.  Then the painting became a joy.  This painting is different from my usual animal portraits and the change keeps me interested and on edge!  I was challenged and therefore sometimes stressed but as the painting progressed it was pure joy.

This painting is approx. 12×18″ and is available for purchase.  Go to my website   www.miriamsart.com and click on the “Shop” button and then on the “Portrait” button.  It is available framed or unframed.  Shipping internationally is easier if it isn’t framed.


Crouching Leopard Pastel Painting.

crouching leopard 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her Crouching Leopard pastel painting.  It was a joy to paint this magnificent creature.  Enjoy!

The stare of the leopard immediately catches the attention of the viewer.  The golden fur interlaced with black dots is magnificent.  The white of the mussel contrasts well with the golden fur.  The value on the muscles creates depth.  The light golden high lighted areas of the leopard contrast well with the shadows.  The shadows creates a three dimensional illusion of form.  The pale yellow background contrasts well with the golden hue of the leopard and the dark hue of the branch that it is sitting on.

I painted the crouching leopard with a feeling of joy.  Here was something that I understood well.  The muscles of a big cat.

The dark corners of the background is a new technique for me and works quite well.  It gives the two dimensional painting an illusion of depth.  I painted the leopard by sections so that the amount of black dots didn’t overwhelm me.

This is an approximately 12×18″ painting.  It is available for sale on my website http://www.miriamsart.com under the Shop button.  Then click on Portfolio.  It can be bought unframed or framed.  Delivery charges are additional.  Enjoy!

Crouching Leopard WIP and my healing journey.

crouching leopard 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to show her Crouching Leopard WIP pastel painting.  She is also doing so much more recently and has not had time to post.  Slowly she heals but has to take a day to rest.

The stare of the crouching cougar draws you immediately to the painting.  You can see the way I do the background…it isn’t blended in smoothly yet.  And you can see that I am doing the crouching leopard in sections.  The black dots would have been too much but if I do it section by section it is easier.

Lately I have been doing too much.  Usually I either walk or run an errand in one day.  Never both.  Recently I have done doing both.  And I have been walking for five days this week.  So I’ve either done too much or the physical exercise is affecting my medication.  I was very tired yesterday and got overly anxious.  And I had taken my medication as prescribed.  So today I am not walking.  And I won’t see my friend next week probably.  Although I do have Thanksgiving supper planned.  Hopefully that won’t be too stressful.  So I have forgotten to nurture me.  Today I take a day off.  I might go out for a mocha latte.  That is how I treat myself.  Or I just might have hot tea with milk!  I am even too tired to go out.  This has taught me that I have to do things slowly and not too much in a week.  Slowly I heal.

I have tried to paint more this week.  And not just read.  Reading tires me more than painting does.  Painting is soothing to the soul.  This painting should be done by the end of next week.  I love the look in the leopard’s eyes.  And I love the color of the leopard.  Enjoy!

Blue Water Droplet Pastel Painting.

blue water droplet 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her Blue Water Droplet pastel painting.  It was a relief to paint such a simple thing.  Slowly she heals.

The reflected white of the water droplet immediately attracts the viewer’s eye.  The dark blue and black of the water droplet contrast well with the reflected white.  The white and black tufts of the plant bring a further dimension to the painting.  The blue and dark blue background contrast well with the water droplet itself.

After the detailed painting of the clouds, this water droplet was a joy to paint.  It was quickly and simply done. Painting it brought all the healing that my painting had previously given me.  It was a joy.

Water droplets intrigue me.  That is why I have started painting them.  Painting the reflected surface is always a challenge.  I think I did well.  The white reflection defines the water droplet.

This is a 12×18″ painting.  It is available for sale.  Pricing can be found under the Shop Now option on my website under Portfolio (at the top of the page).  http://www.miriamsart.com


Cougar WIP Pastel Painting.

cougar 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to show her Cougar WIP pastel painting.  She took the time to paint today.  It’s a much better way of calming down than reading.  Slowly she heals.

The cougar is resting on a branch sloping downwards.  The powerful musculature of the cat is evident in the painting.  It is a majestic animal.  The grey branches support the cougar.

I have been avoiding painting because I have been too stressed and tired.  Now that I am walking almost every day the calm of the morning is no longer used for painting.  Then I read when I get home and I have been neglecting my painting.  The painting soothes my nerves a lot better than reading and it’s not as tiring.

I am trying a new technique with the background of this majestic big cat.  I just want to add a hint of light.  But I have to erase it more to give it a hazy look.  Light not quite in focus.  The branches that the cougar is not perched on should be hazy too so I have to work on them more.  I am going to define the musculature more in the cat.  It’s hard to see it under the skin.

This is a work in progress (WIP).  Not the finished painting.  I’ll be posting the finished painting later.  Enjoy!

Hummingbird and Water Droplets WIP Pastel.

hummingbird n water droplets WIP 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to show you her Hummingbird and Water Droplets WIP (work in progress) pastel painting.  It was painted at times of relative calm.  Enjoy!

The different paper (U-Art 400 series) lends more to a blending of colors that I thought would best portray the luminescence of the water and the water droplets.  I haven’t painted in the smaller water droplets yet that will come later.  I love the look of the hummingbird.  I still have to work the whole painting.  The waters not quite right and I have to add some defining touches to the bird.  But I am enjoying it.  The reason I am painting this particular image is because of the luminescence on the water and the droplets.  They have always intrigued me and now I try to put that awe onto paper.  I hope that I’ll be successful.

I could have rushed to have this ready for Saturday posting but then thought better of it.  So here you have the WIP photo.  I will post the finished photo when the painting is done.  I was too busy doing my warriors mask and redesigning my sword and shield.  LOL.  But you can’t rush art.  I would have ruined the painting.

Using 400 series U-Art paper takes more pastel chalk.  It takes a lot more because the surface of the paper is rough.


Running Cheetah Graphite Drawing.

running cheetah br 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her Running Cheetah graphite drawing.  I have tried to pay close attention to the musculature of this lesser cat.  Enjoy!

The shading of the separate muscles of this lesser cat portrays the power behind this majestic animal.  The lesser cat is running and all of the muscles in the hind end are tensed for action.  The dark shading brings into relief the individual muscles.

This drawing was done when I had a lot going on.  It was terribly frustrating because at first no matter what I did I didn’t like the drawing.  This added frustration to a time of moderate anxiety.  I have had a very busy week and the simplest of appointments make me anxious.  At a time when  I needed the calm of drawing or painting this drawing was giving me problems!  So I read most of the time!

The musculature of an animal is difficult to draw.  I searched the internet and found one artist’s rendition of what the muscles should have been.  It didn’t jive with what I saw in photographs though so it was very frustrating.  Finally with a fresh pair of eyes, I drew what I thought made sense logically.  The result isn’t perfect but it’s better than it was.  It’s only with practice and keen observation of the cheetah that I will get better.  And I will get better believe me!

This is an approximately 12×18″ graphite drawing.  It can be found under the Shop Now button and Portfolio on my website http://www.miriamsart.com.


Chesnut sided Warbler Marker Drawing.

chestnut sided warbler 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to exhibit her 2014 Chestnut Sided Warbler marker drawing.  It was done at a time when my art really was healing me.  Marker drawing is much different from pastel painting.

The black eye of the warbler draws the attention of the viewer immediately.  The white of the belly contrasts well with the chestnut color on the side of the bird.  The draw markings around the eye and on the wings contrasts well with the general grey of the bird.  The white patch on the cheek and the yellow patch on the top of the head are distinctive.  It is the chestnut patch on the side that distinguishes this warbler from other warblers.

I drew this bird because I love birds.  I find them majestic and the smaller ones I find so fragile.  They have always inspired me to paint or draw them.

This is a drawing from 2014 when I first went on disability.  I wasn’t dealing with my anxiety in a direct way then.  I was just on medication.  It’s in 2017 that I have had counseling and am aware of my anxiety.  In 2014 I lost myself in my art but that at the same time was a healing process.  I was numb.  My mind was numb.  The art soothed my soul.

This drawing is done with markers which is much different from pastels.  Once you lay a color down with markers it is there forever.  There is also only a little blending with markers.  I used different colors for the different areas of the bird.

This is a 6×8″ drawing and is available for sale only through direct contact with me at miriamsart@outlook.com if you are interested.