Wave Pastel Painting.

waves 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her Wave pastel painting.  It was painted at a time when I was battling my inner demons but turned out well I think.  Enjoy!

The blue green of the lower part of the wave contrasts well with the blue and white of the upper part of the wave.  The blue sky above contrasts well with the darkness of the top of the wave.  Movement is indicated by the blue and black contrast.

I was battling my inner demons and at first thought that this was too dark, reflecting my mood.  But I made it darker yet in some parts and blue on the top of the wave.  I am more aware of what happened to me as a child and that makes it forefront in my mind.  I now think of it often.  Hence the inner demons.  When will I heal completely is the question.  Will I ever heal completely?

I tried to make the wave seem glassy using black contrasting on white in the prominent part of the wave.  It worked to a certain degree so the contrast between the white and the black is needed.  Unfortunately it is difficult to get that glossy white with pastels.

I had planned to do some reading and continuing on my healing journey today.  Technical difficulties with my computer made my afternoon a wash…I spent most of the time talking with a computer IT guy!

This is a 12 x 18″ original pastel painting and can be found on my website www.miriamsart.com under Shop then Portfolio and then scroll down to Go To Shop.  Enjoy!


African Kingfisher Pastel Painting.

African Kingfisher 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her African Kingfisher pastel painting.  This painting was done at a time of calm but my writing routine was changing so I was stressed.  Enjoy!

The light blue veins of the flower draw the eye to the kingfisher in the middle of the flower.  The blue hues of the kingfisher camouflage well with the flower.  The light green of the background contrasts well with the blue of the flower and bird.  The white chest of the kingfisher draws the eye even further.  The reflected image of the flower and the stem shimmer in the foreground adding to the painting.

As some of you may know I am a writer.  It has been part of my routine to write every morning and at least once more during the day.  Well, I finished my first book Martha and started on my second book, Abigail.  This completely disrupted my writing routine and my ability to write about my day.  Happenings in my day are reflected in my book.  Since it was a new book and a new illness, depression now instead of anxiety, I had to change my way of thinking.  This added stress to my life.  It shows how important a routine is to someone with a mental health problem.  Be sure to establish a good routine and follow it everyday.  And be prepared for stress if you change it.  I was more tired and therefore had to rest by just watching the television.  That is my safe activity when I’m tired.  Find something to do that soothes you.  It can be music, playing video games or just watching television.

I had to use a new technique for the shimmer in the water.  I used a reference photo and exaggerated the shimmer in the water.  The dark grey helped the most to establish the shimmer as did the light beige.  Pastels come easily to me.  The background was done with two different colors of green, blended together.  The blues in the background are other flowers that are not defined.

This is a 12×18″ pastel painting that can be purchased framed or unframed on my website  www.miriamsart.com.  Just click on Shop, then choose Portfolio and scroll down to the Shop Now section.

I have changed my publishing routine.  I will be posting my art on Thursdays and My Healing Journey on Tuesdays and Saturdays.  This gives me the chance to include revelations that have come to me during my group therapy on Friday afternoons.


Blue Water Droplet Pastel Painting.

blue water droplet 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her Blue Water Droplet pastel painting.  It was a relief to paint such a simple thing.  Slowly she heals.

The reflected white of the water droplet immediately attracts the viewer’s eye.  The dark blue and black of the water droplet contrast well with the reflected white.  The white and black tufts of the plant bring a further dimension to the painting.  The blue and dark blue background contrast well with the water droplet itself.

After the detailed painting of the clouds, this water droplet was a joy to paint.  It was quickly and simply done. Painting it brought all the healing that my painting had previously given me.  It was a joy.

Water droplets intrigue me.  That is why I have started painting them.  Painting the reflected surface is always a challenge.  I think I did well.  The white reflection defines the water droplet.

This is a 12×18″ painting.  It is available for sale.  Pricing can be found under the Shop Now option on my website under Portfolio (at the top of the page).  http://www.miriamsart.com


Hummingbird and Water Droplets WIP Pastel.

hummingbird n water droplets WIP 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to show you her Hummingbird and Water Droplets WIP (work in progress) pastel painting.  It was painted at times of relative calm.  Enjoy!

The different paper (U-Art 400 series) lends more to a blending of colors that I thought would best portray the luminescence of the water and the water droplets.  I haven’t painted in the smaller water droplets yet that will come later.  I love the look of the hummingbird.  I still have to work the whole painting.  The waters not quite right and I have to add some defining touches to the bird.  But I am enjoying it.  The reason I am painting this particular image is because of the luminescence on the water and the droplets.  They have always intrigued me and now I try to put that awe onto paper.  I hope that I’ll be successful.

I could have rushed to have this ready for Saturday posting but then thought better of it.  So here you have the WIP photo.  I will post the finished photo when the painting is done.  I was too busy doing my warriors mask and redesigning my sword and shield.  LOL.  But you can’t rush art.  I would have ruined the painting.

Using 400 series U-Art paper takes more pastel chalk.  It takes a lot more because the surface of the paper is rough.


Humpback and Baby Pastel Painting.

humpback with baby WPress 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her Humpback With Baby pastel painting.  I painted this on days of relative calm.  I am challenging some of my demons and it’s working out well!

The gentleness of the humpback is portrayed well in this painting.  Even though whales are the size of a half a football field the mother is tender towards her baby.  The deep black of the eyes attracts the eye to the humpback whales.  The white and grey of the underbelly contrasts well with the background of deep blue ocean.  The background of the water surface adds depth to the painting

I have come to the realization that my inner demons may all be in my mind.  Now there is relative calm.  This realization has stopped the inner demons some.  I am less stressed and more aware of my surroundings.  I heal slowly!

Painting the water surface was a challenge.  It was the same grey as the whales themselves.  Painting the deep blue of the ocean was also a challenge.  It was too much of the same color.  The eyes are a bit too stark but I wanted them to stand out to draw the eye to the whale.  The white and grey of the underbelly was easy to paint.  The top part of the humpbacks was a bit harder to paint.  All in all this was a challenging painting.

I chose to paint something different this time.  I have been concentrating on animal eyes and needed a change.  Also the blue of the ocean attracted me as it always does!  This painting will be part of my Whale Series.

This is a 12×18″ painting.  This painting is larger than the animal eye paintings that I have been painting recently.  Please see the “Shop” tab and then the “Portfolio” tab of my website for details (www.miriamsart.com).  As always you can reach me at miriamsart@outlook.com.  Enjoy!

Snow Leopard Eye Pastel Painting.

snow leopard eye 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her Snow Leopard Eye pastel painting.  I painted this on a day of relative calm.  There was some subconscious anxiety though.  I am working through a major issue.

The blue, white and purple of the eye draw the viewers attention to the eye immediately.  The detail is captivating and contrasts well with the middle ground.  Since this is a close up the middle ground is the face of the snow leopard.  The white grey of the fur contrasts well with the blue of the eye.  The black spots of the leopard contrast beautifully with the white grey fur.

I am at a cross roads.  I think that I will take legal action about my abuse.  But it will only be a complaint.  I have to inform myself of what this will mean professionally.  My counselor knows someone who knows.  I am blocked with fear.  Fear of going in and fear of what the abuser might do to me if he finds out!  So I paint.  I paint to forget the fear and to build up courage.  My counselor has helped to give me clarity of thought to figure out what I want to do.  It will be some kind of third party complaint.  Which means that there won’t be an investigation probably but the complaint will be on file.

The snow leopard is an endangered big cat.  The main predator is man and the encroachment of farming on it’s habitat.  With education farmers can live in harmony with the snow leopard.  It is my favorite big cat.

The technique of painting the eye was challenging.  It is my first eye with so much detail.  The different colors were challenging.  So were the white swirls.  The black of the eye is done with a Rembrandt soft pastel.  I also tried to contour the head with respect to the skull.  I am trying to do better at this.  The white highlight in the fur around the eye is where there is fat to cushion the eye itself.  The value at the nose gives the painting more depth.

This is about a 6×7″ painting that will be framed to 12×18.  It is a special size so it is priced as an 8×10″ print but state that it is for the snow leopard eye pastel painting.  Please email me if you are interested or go to the Shop and Portfolio tab above.  This is the second in my big cat eye series.

This painting has soothed my soul.  It has given me peace.  I hope that it does the same for you!  Enjoy!

Gannets Pastel Painting.

gannets 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her Gannets pastel painting.  She drew and painted on days of anxiety.  The painting helped her forget.

The black of the markings contrast markedly with the white beige of the gannet.  It is striking and draws the eye immediately.  The blue background contrasts well with the white and beige of the head and neck.  The grey of the bills contrasts as well.  The middle ground is the body of the two gannets.  They are embracing.

I drew at a time of anxiety.  I didn’t do as well with the proportions because of this.  The day of painting was with anxiety as well.  Luckily there were large areas that required little thought.  Today was calm enough to put the last touches to the heads and allow the contrast to stand out.  I am pleased with the painting.  I did forget for a while.  I am blocked and am therefore posting art instead of my healing journey.  I have named the abuser.  This has taken a lot out of me because I have to decide whether to file a formal complaint or not.  I will decide on Tuesday maybe.  Courage is what I need.  Courage!

The blue background was a challenge.  I could have used soft pastels but opted for my Derwent Fine Art Pencils.  They are getting short though and I will have to buy more soon!  The black markings contrasted well and I am pleased with it.  I took care to put more detail on the body.

The Gannet is one of the largest sea birds in the North Atlantic.  It was declining in numbers but is on the rebound.  It is well known for diving into water to fish for it’s food, sometimes from more than a 100′ above the water.

This is a 12×18″ pastel painting and is available unframed or framed.  Please see the Shop tab above and click on Portfolio.


New product…cell phone case.

cell phone case 2 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her Barn Owl Cell Phone Case.  For only $75.00 CAN you get a durable, sturdy cell phone cover with a unique barn owl design.  My pastel painting of the Barn Owl.  Keep nature in your back pocket and escape to the forest every time you look at it!

Go to miriamsart.com and select the “Add to cart” button under the Barn Owl Phone Case and make your purchase via Paypal.  All in one easy secure step.  Enjoy!

Whale series…

whales2 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to announce her Whales Series in pastel.  This majestic creature is portrayed in my pastel paintings.

The blue of the water in the background envelopes the whale in a peaceful color.  The grey/blue of the whale is well contrasted with the background.  Sometimes the whale does appear brown as shown in one painting.  These paintings portray the peace and silence of the ocean.

The first two paintings are the best.  They were painted at a time of anxiety where I was blocking the reasons for my anxiety out completely.  I was relatively at peace.  No ripples on the surface.  But the third is not as well done and was done at a time where I was introducing old memories of a bad experience back into my life so that I could observe them with the help of meditation and move on.  The fourth painting is a bit better but I am still struggling with old demons of my past and the painting is not as good as the first or second.  However I am calmer than the third painting.  I am beginning to be able to deal with the anxiety of my past demons.

The four paintings also show a progression in technique.  The first two are done with Derwent pastel pencils.  It is easy to include detail and refine the painting.  The second is done with pastel sticks instead of pencils.  It is more difficult to get in the detail since the sticks are thicker.  The fourth painting is done with both Derwent pastel pencils and pastel sticks.  These two techniques are being refined.

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