My healing journey…

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Miriam speaks quickly of her healing journey.  I am writing the story about me fighting evil.  It is therapeutic.  I have redesigned my shield, sword and dagger.  Slowly I heal.

sword n shield n gems 500 pi

I have redesigned my shield, sword and dagger with black onyx stone, rose quartz stone and amethyst stone.

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Black onyx stone is a grounding, strengthening and centering stone.  It strengthens you when you are challenged and weak.  It eases your fears when they are the strongest and banishes negativity.  Rose quart raises self esteem and gives you a strong sense of worth.  It is the heart or love stone.  Amethyst enhances psychic powers and protects travellers.  So in adding the stones I am adding to the strength and magic of my shield, sword and dagger.

I have bought myself a stone similar to black onyx.  A grounding and centering stone to wear every day.  I have also bought rose quarts and amethyst.  I even have an amethyst bracelet to wear on days to heighten my meditative powers.  I have decided to start at least one half hour of mindfulness per day.  I need to center my thoughts so as to watch what is affecting me or what my mind is wanting me to work on.

I wrote a bit about fighting against Owen…the one who represents evil in my story.  I haven’t been able to write much and I haven’t defeated him.  The men who protect me and I battle against Owen and his men to protect men, women and children from him and to protect ourselves.

Slowly I heal…