A Review by Laura…

Cash 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is happy to post a review of her dog pet portrait!

Miriam, I wanted to write to say thank you for the beautiful portraits you did of my dog Cash.  You really captured his personality in your work, particularly the eyes I find look so like his own.  I love the colours that you used and the pastels give a softness to the portraits that also speaks to Cash’s personality.  I have hung the portrait with pride and it is one of the first things I ask people to look at when they come over because it is so special to me.

Thank you again, I will cherish your work for years to come.


Cash 500 pi




Pet Portrait Pastel Painting.

Cash 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her Pet Portrait pastel painting.  I painted this portrait at a time of mixed feelings.  Art can be very therapeutic.  Slowly I heal.

The eyes of the great dane draw the attention of the viewer.  The light and dark grey hues of this magnificent dog contrast well with the blue background.  The white of the muzzle contrasts well with the black of the nose.  The muscular body shows the size of the dog.

I had mixed feelings while painting this portrait.  Joy and fear.  I was dealing with one of my fears.  I felt joy thinking of the friend that I painted this portrait for.  I am looking forward to seeing her.  Painting helps to soothe anxiety and can bring joy at the same time.

The blue reflection in the eye drew the attention of the viewer as did the white reflections.  The background was a lot of work.  I lightened it to the right as you would in a proper portrait.  The shades of grey were difficult to do properly.  Yet I had to go back over it and make the darker greys more prominent.  The slight blue hue on the dog is appealing to the eye and brings harmony to the portrait.

This item is a gift for a friend.  I do paint pet portraits if you are interested.  Dog, cat, horse, lizard or rat.  This is a 12×18″ original pastel painting.  It would be more expensive framed.  However I matte the picture when I frame it.  Internationally it would be better to ship the unframed painting.