Humpback and Baby Pastel Painting.

humpback with baby WPress 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her Humpback With Baby pastel painting.  I painted this on days of relative calm.  I am challenging some of my demons and it’s working out well!

The gentleness of the humpback is portrayed well in this painting.  Even though whales are the size of a half a football field the mother is tender towards her baby.  The deep black of the eyes attracts the eye to the humpback whales.  The white and grey of the underbelly contrasts well with the background of deep blue ocean.  The background of the water surface adds depth to the painting

I have come to the realization that my inner demons may all be in my mind.  Now there is relative calm.  This realization has stopped the inner demons some.  I am less stressed and more aware of my surroundings.  I heal slowly!

Painting the water surface was a challenge.  It was the same grey as the whales themselves.  Painting the deep blue of the ocean was also a challenge.  It was too much of the same color.  The eyes are a bit too stark but I wanted them to stand out to draw the eye to the whale.  The white and grey of the underbelly was easy to paint.  The top part of the humpbacks was a bit harder to paint.  All in all this was a challenging painting.

I chose to paint something different this time.  I have been concentrating on animal eyes and needed a change.  Also the blue of the ocean attracted me as it always does!  This painting will be part of my Whale Series.

This is a 12×18″ painting.  This painting is larger than the animal eye paintings that I have been painting recently.  Please see the “Shop” tab and then the “Portfolio” tab of my website for details (  As always you can reach me at  Enjoy!

Kitten Eye Pastel Painting.

kitten WPress 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her Kitten Eye pastel painting.  This painting was done at a time of relative calm.  The eye was the focus.

The blue purple of the eye with it’s reflection immediately draws the eye of the viewer.  The reflection is contrasted beautifully by the dark purple of the eye.  The blue of the eye contrasts well with the dark purple and the black shadow.   The blue grey background is reflected in the eye as well.  The fur is secondary in the painting although the cute kitten nose attracts the eye as well.

I finished this painting earlier in the week during a time of relative calm.  I was beginning to realize that many of my fears were in my mind.  It was my mind making them real and a threat.  On Thursday however I had a difficult day but I had just finished most of this painting.  It was doubly difficult because I did not have art to fall back on as a coping mechanism since I hadn’t started anything new!  I was at a loss.

The technique of the eye was challenging in this painting.  It even has a reflection of a cat in a window!  Luckily the eye was large enough that I could get that detail in.  The fur could have been done better.  I have just realized that if I put down a lighter color then add the darker fur color on top then it has more depth.  The shadows of the nose could have been blended more but the shadow had to be defined too.  The background was too blue and I had to add grey to make it look better.  This is the last of close up eyes for a while.  I wanted to develop my technique.  Now it’s time to move on.

As usual this painting is smaller since it is only of the eye.  It would be considered a pet portrait.  To order use the 8×10″ print and comment in the comments that you wish the Kitten Eye painting.


Red Panda Eyes Pastel Painting

red panda eyes 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her Red Panda Eyes pastel painting.  It is part of my Red Panda Series.  I painted this on a day of relative calm.

The eye is drawn to the reflections in the red panda’s eyes.  They dominate the painting.  The black surrounding the eyes contrasts well with the reflections.  The white of the nose is in the foreground.  The brown and red fur of the forehead is in the background.  The whiskers of the red panda contrast well with the fur and add another dimension.

I was calm when I painted.  This is one of my better paintings.  The old touch is back.  I had lost it for a while.  My inner demons are quiet.

I painted this painting on black 98 lb Canson paper for the contrast between the fur and the background.  Also fo the contrast around the eyes and in the nose.  It looks quite good.

This is a small 5.5 x 7″ painting that will be matted to a 12 x 18″ frame.  So the pricing is the same as for an 8 x 10″ print framed.  Please leave a comment that you wish to purchase the Red Panda Eyes pastel painting.  Enjoy!

Cougar Eye Pastel Painting.

cougar eye 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her Cougar Eye pastel painting.  I painted this on days of relative calm.  It was a joy!

The green of the cougar eye attracts the viewer immediately.  It draws the viewers eye to it.  The white fur around the eye contrasts well with the green.  The brown and white fur of the cougar make up the rest of the painting.

I painted this on days of relative calm.  I was free of all demons.

The eye was relatively easy to paint.  The white and black line add well to the reflection in the eye.  The fur was more difficult.  I spent a lot of time on it.  It worked out well.  The contrasting color had to be laid down last.  It was a lot of work.

This is a 12×18″ painting and available for purchase.  Please see the Shop and Portfolio section.  Enjoy!


Snow Leopard Eye Pastel Painting.

snow leopard eye 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her Snow Leopard Eye pastel painting.  I painted this on a day of relative calm.  There was some subconscious anxiety though.  I am working through a major issue.

The blue, white and purple of the eye draw the viewers attention to the eye immediately.  The detail is captivating and contrasts well with the middle ground.  Since this is a close up the middle ground is the face of the snow leopard.  The white grey of the fur contrasts well with the blue of the eye.  The black spots of the leopard contrast beautifully with the white grey fur.

I am at a cross roads.  I think that I will take legal action about my abuse.  But it will only be a complaint.  I have to inform myself of what this will mean professionally.  My counselor knows someone who knows.  I am blocked with fear.  Fear of going in and fear of what the abuser might do to me if he finds out!  So I paint.  I paint to forget the fear and to build up courage.  My counselor has helped to give me clarity of thought to figure out what I want to do.  It will be some kind of third party complaint.  Which means that there won’t be an investigation probably but the complaint will be on file.

The snow leopard is an endangered big cat.  The main predator is man and the encroachment of farming on it’s habitat.  With education farmers can live in harmony with the snow leopard.  It is my favorite big cat.

The technique of painting the eye was challenging.  It is my first eye with so much detail.  The different colors were challenging.  So were the white swirls.  The black of the eye is done with a Rembrandt soft pastel.  I also tried to contour the head with respect to the skull.  I am trying to do better at this.  The white highlight in the fur around the eye is where there is fat to cushion the eye itself.  The value at the nose gives the painting more depth.

This is about a 6×7″ painting that will be framed to 12×18.  It is a special size so it is priced as an 8×10″ print but state that it is for the snow leopard eye pastel painting.  Please email me if you are interested or go to the Shop and Portfolio tab above.  This is the second in my big cat eye series.

This painting has soothed my soul.  It has given me peace.  I hope that it does the same for you!  Enjoy!

Gannets Pastel Painting.

gannets 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her Gannets pastel painting.  She drew and painted on days of anxiety.  The painting helped her forget.

The black of the markings contrast markedly with the white beige of the gannet.  It is striking and draws the eye immediately.  The blue background contrasts well with the white and beige of the head and neck.  The grey of the bills contrasts as well.  The middle ground is the body of the two gannets.  They are embracing.

I drew at a time of anxiety.  I didn’t do as well with the proportions because of this.  The day of painting was with anxiety as well.  Luckily there were large areas that required little thought.  Today was calm enough to put the last touches to the heads and allow the contrast to stand out.  I am pleased with the painting.  I did forget for a while.  I am blocked and am therefore posting art instead of my healing journey.  I have named the abuser.  This has taken a lot out of me because I have to decide whether to file a formal complaint or not.  I will decide on Tuesday maybe.  Courage is what I need.  Courage!

The blue background was a challenge.  I could have used soft pastels but opted for my Derwent Fine Art Pencils.  They are getting short though and I will have to buy more soon!  The black markings contrasted well and I am pleased with it.  I took care to put more detail on the body.

The Gannet is one of the largest sea birds in the North Atlantic.  It was declining in numbers but is on the rebound.  It is well known for diving into water to fish for it’s food, sometimes from more than a 100′ above the water.

This is a 12×18″ pastel painting and is available unframed or framed.  Please see the Shop tab above and click on Portfolio.


Cheetah pastel painting.

cheetah 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her Cheetah pastel painting.  I painted this painting on days of extreme anxiety.  I tried positive counter thoughts to ease that anxiety.

The golden brown eyes of the cheetah draw the viewers eye to the center and middle ground of the painting.  The beige yellow fur reflects the golden brow of the eyes.  The black spots contrast markedly against the beige of the fur.  The beige of the background blends well with the beige gold of this lesser cat.

I drew at a time of extreme anxiety.  New demons and old fears.  The attention I gave to the proportion of the distance between the eyes and the length of the nose and the height of the brow absorbed me and made me forget my fears.  I was at peace.  The attention to the beige and yellow made me focus and forget my fears.  The attention to the black spots made me focus and forget my fears.  As I painted I felt the anxiety drain away.

Technically this lesser cat was a challenge.  But I am finally getting the proportions right!  The distance between the eyes compared to the length of the nose and the height of the brow are important.  My family is my greatest critic and they say this is my best lesser cat yet!

The cheetah is endangered and it’s biggest predator is man.  Also encroachment on it’s habitat by farming is putting this lesser cat at higher risk.  The cheetah is not considered a big cat because it can’t roar.  It’s missing a bone in it’s throat to do this.  It is known as the fastest feline in the world.  It has also been tamed often, sometimes as a hunting animal.  Please protect the cheetah now!

This is an approximately 12×18″ pastel painting.  It will be matted to a smaller size though.  It is available for purchase.  Please see the Shop now option on the top tool bar and choose Portfolio.

Hopefully you have appreciated this painting rather than a post about my healing journey.  I am too busy today to do  my usual healing reading.  Please accept this painting in it’s place.  Enjoy!

Leopard2 pastel painting.

leopard2 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her Leopard2 pastel painting.  This is the second one in a series.  I drew this on a day of extreme anxiety.  The next day was filled with joy.  A new idea.  The painting was finished on a day of extreme anxiety.

The blue yellow of the leopard’s eyes draw the viewers eye to the center of the painting.  The leopard is looking right at you.  What is he thinking?  He is ready to leap.  The foreground of his face doesn’t distract from the eyes and blends well with the rest of the body.  The background of his body contrasts well with the head.

I had extreme anxiety as I drew the leopard.  The eyes were done on a day of relative calm.  The rest of the head was done on a day of joy.  A new idea was born.  I could write a second book, this time non-fiction.  I will have to wait and see!  Old fears have resurfaced with new voices while I finished the painting.  But I stay calm.  I know how to be still.  Calm…  Still…

I tried to concentrate on the eyes.  They worked out well.  I love the blue, purple, and gold mix!  I spent a lot of time on the nose.  It still looks a bit crooked.  But better than before!

The Amur Leopard is critically endangered with only 35 left in the wild!

This is a 12×18″ pastel painting available framed or unframed.  Please see the Shop button under portfolio.

Snow Leopard in Mountains pastel painting.

snow leopard n mountain 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her Snow Leopard in Mountains pastel painting.  I was relatively calm when painting this one.  Although it took a long time.

This majestic animal is found in the middle ground of the painting.  The white in the eyes of the snow leopard draw the eye to the big cat.  It is majestic in it’s power and aura.  The mountains in the background depict a very mountainous terrain.  The snow leopard is perched on a ledge.  The grey and black of the snow leopard contrast well with the snow covered brown of the mountains.

This painting took a while.  I was concentrating on writing.  There were days of extreme anxiety and days of relative calm.  I am exhausted on the days of calm because the days of extreme anxiety are very tiring.  I have dealt with some everyday stresses and the feeling of impending doom has lifted slightly.  I am positive today although it is a day of anxiety.  Old demons haunt me today.  Old fears have resurfaced.  I stay calm and trust in God and good people to keep those that I care about safe!

I had to pay more attention to the form of the snow leopard with this painting.  Attention to the skeletal structure of the big cat.  I hope that I portrayed it well.  I have to learn more about big cat anatomy.

This is the first time that I am inserting a featured image into my blog post with wordpress.  Hopefully the image isn’t shown twice.  I will wait and see.  I need to have a featured image so that the picture shows up on my website.

As usual this painting is available framed or unframed.  Please see the Shop option on my website and then go to Portfolio.  The shop is found at the bottom of the Portfolio page.  This is a 12×18″ painting.


Leopard…pastel painting.

leopard WPress 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her Leopard pastel painting.  The leopard is sad…thinking of life perhaps.  It reflects the mood of the painter.

The eyes of the leopard attract you first.  She is sad.  The painter is sad.  The yellow fur of the leopard contrasts well with the black background.  The yellow fur of the foreground fills in the space.  The leopard is yellow and different from a snow leopard.

The painter was sad because of severe anxiety.  New demons were haunting her and for the first time it is reflected in the eyes of the leopard.  Her medication is helping.  The demons are more gentle and getting better.  Her painting is helping too.

The technique of the eyes is interesting.  This time there was yellow, blue and black in the eye.  Adding a black hue in between the two colors helped.  The value of the leopard head is adding to the painting.  Not much detail was added to the foreground on purpose to draw the eye to the head of the middle ground.

This is an approximately 12×18″ pastel painting that is available unframed or framed.  I strongly recommend a framed picture because it has a matte that is unique to the painting.  Please see the “Buy Now!” button.

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