Snow Leopard Pastel Painting.

snow leopard 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her Snow Leopard pastel painting.  It was done on days of moderate stress.  I lost myself in the painting.  Enjoy!

The stare of the snow leopard grabs the attention of the viewer immediately.  The yellow eyes with reflected light are captivating.  The grey and white of the snow leopard contrast well with the black spots and rings on his fur.

I am helping my subconscious to deal with stress.  Slowly it heals.  My anxiety levels are high as I deal with my subconscious and it’s stress.  Slowly I heal.

This is an approx. 12×18″ pastel painting.  It is available for purchase at




Snow Leopard Day!

snow leopard face 500 pi

It’s International Snow Leopard Day!  I take a moment to talk about the snow leopard who is endangered due to farming, subsequent hunting and habitat encroachment.  Please take time to think of the snow leopard.

The status of the snow leopard is not listed merely as vulnerable.  This is due to insufficient data about the numbers that exist in the wild.  Many researchers believe that they should still have endangered status.

For a recent article about the snow leopard see the post by The Jaguar.  For even more information about the snow leopard go to Snow Leopard Trust where they have general information and also sell wares from farmers to encourage living in harmony with the snow leopard.  Farmers are encourage to make money buy selling their wool rather than killing snow leopards illegally.  You can buy their wares at this shop.  You can donate to help research about snow leopards at this link or you can even adopt a snow leopard.

I have adopted a snow leopard and my money went towards research to understand them better to protect them better.  The snow leopard is my totem animal.  It is something that I feel a strong kinship with.  I have even designed a symbol for the snow leopard.

celtic snow leopard totem double 500 pi

It is a snow leopard in a Celtic design.  The snow leopard inspires awe in me.  It is such a powerful and magnificent creature.  A smart and cunning hunter.  With a wild beauty.  An magnificent animal that is worth protecting.  Enjoy!

Snow Leopard Face Pastel Painting.

snow leopard face 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her Snow Leopard Face pastel painting.  It was painted while facing a couple of fears.  Slowly I heal.  I tried a new technique for this painting.

The blue gold of the snow leopard’s eyes attracts your attention immediately.  They are well contrasted by the white fur that surrounds the eye.  The grey fur helps to define the eye as well as the nose and cheeks.  The pink of the nose contrasts well with the white fur that lines the nose.  The black circles in the fur contrast well with the background grey.

The first fear that I was facing was about my medication.  An increased dose made me dizzy and nauseous so I decreased the dose and called my doctor.  The second fear was going to see a loved one.  I was scared bad people would follow me and find her.  This is a reoccurring fear that I have to work on.  But I did go see my mother and the trip went well.  I am slowly forcing myself to face my fears.  I couldn’t paint for a day though!  Slowly I heal.

I tried a different technique with this snow leopard.  I first put down the white and then added black and then grey.  At first it was all too white but adding the grey helped.  I also found out that white charcoal is a lot whiter than white pastel.  It helped to make the contrast more in the eyes and in the fur.

This is an approximately 12 x 18″ painting.  If shipped internationally it would be better to ship the unframed painting.  I would roll it up and use a mailing tube to send it.  The framed painting would be a lot more expensive to ship.  Enjoy!

Survey Finds Rare Himalayan Wildlife in Northern India- a shared blog by The Jaguar!

The Snow Leopard Trust (SLT) has launched an impressive campaign to determine how many snow leopards (Panthera uncia) remain in the wild. As part of this effort, they teamed up with local partners to survey Kinnaur – a rugged landscape in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. The results were more than satisfying. The SLT, Nature […]

via Survey Finds Rare Himalayan Wildlife in Northern India — The Jaguar

Snow Leopard Eye Pastel Painting.

snow leopard eye 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her Snow Leopard Eye pastel painting.  I painted this on a day of relative calm.  There was some subconscious anxiety though.  I am working through a major issue.

The blue, white and purple of the eye draw the viewers attention to the eye immediately.  The detail is captivating and contrasts well with the middle ground.  Since this is a close up the middle ground is the face of the snow leopard.  The white grey of the fur contrasts well with the blue of the eye.  The black spots of the leopard contrast beautifully with the white grey fur.

I am at a cross roads.  I think that I will take legal action about my abuse.  But it will only be a complaint.  I have to inform myself of what this will mean professionally.  My counselor knows someone who knows.  I am blocked with fear.  Fear of going in and fear of what the abuser might do to me if he finds out!  So I paint.  I paint to forget the fear and to build up courage.  My counselor has helped to give me clarity of thought to figure out what I want to do.  It will be some kind of third party complaint.  Which means that there won’t be an investigation probably but the complaint will be on file.

The snow leopard is an endangered big cat.  The main predator is man and the encroachment of farming on it’s habitat.  With education farmers can live in harmony with the snow leopard.  It is my favorite big cat.

The technique of painting the eye was challenging.  It is my first eye with so much detail.  The different colors were challenging.  So were the white swirls.  The black of the eye is done with a Rembrandt soft pastel.  I also tried to contour the head with respect to the skull.  I am trying to do better at this.  The white highlight in the fur around the eye is where there is fat to cushion the eye itself.  The value at the nose gives the painting more depth.

This is about a 6×7″ painting that will be framed to 12×18.  It is a special size so it is priced as an 8×10″ print but state that it is for the snow leopard eye pastel painting.  Please email me if you are interested or go to the Shop and Portfolio tab above.  This is the second in my big cat eye series.

This painting has soothed my soul.  It has given me peace.  I hope that it does the same for you!  Enjoy!

Snow Leopard in Mountains pastel painting.

snow leopard n mountain 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her Snow Leopard in Mountains pastel painting.  I was relatively calm when painting this one.  Although it took a long time.

This majestic animal is found in the middle ground of the painting.  The white in the eyes of the snow leopard draw the eye to the big cat.  It is majestic in it’s power and aura.  The mountains in the background depict a very mountainous terrain.  The snow leopard is perched on a ledge.  The grey and black of the snow leopard contrast well with the snow covered brown of the mountains.

This painting took a while.  I was concentrating on writing.  There were days of extreme anxiety and days of relative calm.  I am exhausted on the days of calm because the days of extreme anxiety are very tiring.  I have dealt with some everyday stresses and the feeling of impending doom has lifted slightly.  I am positive today although it is a day of anxiety.  Old demons haunt me today.  Old fears have resurfaced.  I stay calm and trust in God and good people to keep those that I care about safe!

I had to pay more attention to the form of the snow leopard with this painting.  Attention to the skeletal structure of the big cat.  I hope that I portrayed it well.  I have to learn more about big cat anatomy.

This is the first time that I am inserting a featured image into my blog post with wordpress.  Hopefully the image isn’t shown twice.  I will wait and see.  I need to have a featured image so that the picture shows up on my website.

As usual this painting is available framed or unframed.  Please see the Shop option on my website and then go to Portfolio.  The shop is found at the bottom of the Portfolio page.  This is a 12×18″ painting.