Humpback and Baby Pastel Painting.

humpback with baby WPress 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her Humpback With Baby pastel painting.  I painted this on days of relative calm.  I am challenging some of my demons and it’s working out well!

The gentleness of the humpback is portrayed well in this painting.  Even though whales are the size of a half a football field the mother is tender towards her baby.  The deep black of the eyes attracts the eye to the humpback whales.  The white and grey of the underbelly contrasts well with the background of deep blue ocean.  The background of the water surface adds depth to the painting

I have come to the realization that my inner demons may all be in my mind.  Now there is relative calm.  This realization has stopped the inner demons some.  I am less stressed and more aware of my surroundings.  I heal slowly!

Painting the water surface was a challenge.  It was the same grey as the whales themselves.  Painting the deep blue of the ocean was also a challenge.  It was too much of the same color.  The eyes are a bit too stark but I wanted them to stand out to draw the eye to the whale.  The white and grey of the underbelly was easy to paint.  The top part of the humpbacks was a bit harder to paint.  All in all this was a challenging painting.

I chose to paint something different this time.  I have been concentrating on animal eyes and needed a change.  Also the blue of the ocean attracted me as it always does!  This painting will be part of my Whale Series.

This is a 12×18″ painting.  This painting is larger than the animal eye paintings that I have been painting recently.  Please see the “Shop” tab and then the “Portfolio” tab of my website for details (  As always you can reach me at  Enjoy!

Winner of Canada Geese in Sunset watercolor painting – Summer Solstice Contest!

canada geese n sunset WPress 500 pi

The winner of the Summer Solstice Contest was UnboltMe ( on my blog:  Miriam’s Art Blog.  They were one of the participants.  I will frame the picture with a matte this weekend and UPS them the parcel once they give me their address!  Congratulations UnboltMe!  You’re a winner!  Yahoo!

I didn’t want to loose the community so I still have a blog with them.  I have included Facebook, Twitter, and in the competition.  I just realized that I could have included Instagram and Pinterest.  So much to do!  I’ll include them next time.

A big thank you to all that participated!  It warms my heart that you found the time to like or subscribe.  Thank you!

Last day to like or subscribe! Win Canada Geese and Sunset painting!

canada geese n sunset WPress 500 pi

Win the watercolor painting above on June 21 by liking, commenting or subscribing to my email list on Miriam’s Art Blog or  Enter now!  The winner will get the framed and matted Canada Geese and Sunset watercolor painting with free delivery.  Delivery by UPS.  Enter now!

My healing journey…


alexandre-godreau-265144 unsplash 500 pi

Miriam speaks of her healing journey.  The meeting with the professional was a let down.  My anxiety is less as I face my own personal demons…my personal fears.  Slowly I heal.

I spoke with a lady who knows about making statements to the police about abuse.  Unfortunately my memories aren’t explicit enough to be considered by the police.  I don’t remember kissing or the sex act only my babysitter crouching over my half naked body.  I had been sleeping and woke up to that.  Had he been in the actual act of sex then I would have had a reason to go to the police.  I could try to remember more but my counselor has already told me that I don’t have to do that unless I want to.  I really don’t want to relive that time.  I am trying to forget it!  We’ll see however if my mind is happy with that.  Now when I do mindfulness often the thought of being raped floats into my mind.  My mind wants it to come out somehow.  Just how far I have to go for my mind to be calm I don’t know!  I’ll continue to work with my counselor.

I spoke of the Name Your Fear form last week.  I have been using that form.  What you have to do is take a fear and rate it.  Then ask yourself is it real or isn’t it.  If it isn’t then remember the positive counter statements every time that fear surfaces.  Remind yourself that it isn’t real.  If it is real, think of smaller steps that could bring you to that particular fear.  Smaller fears if you will.  Rate them.  Then take the lowest one and work on it.  By working on it I mean expose yourself to that fear and rate your feeling/fear on a scale of zero to ten.  As you repeatedly expose yourself to the fear with positive counter statements, your fear should subside slowly.  If it doesn’t then it is time to see a psychiatrist and get counseling.  Notice I use the word counseling.  Therapy without counseling is useless!  So unless you are able to talk about your fear, nothing is going to help you!  Once a lower rated fear has subsided to lets say a two or three out of ten, then it’s time to choose a higher rated fear and work on that.  In the same way expose yourself to the fear repeatedly.  Slowly your fear should subside especially if you are using positive counter statements.  If it doesn’t it’s time to talk to your psychiatrist or a counselor.  But at least you have identified a fear that you could discuss with them and work on further.  By positive counter statements I mean answers to questions like is this real? and has this ever happened before? and is this a proven fact?

Well it feels like a bit of an anticlimax.  I was ready to go to the police and now I can’t.  I will concentrate on celebrating my accomplishments rather than the negative aspects of my bad experience.  But I can’t block it in anymore.  I have a mental disability because of it.  I will continue to read The Courage to Heal and the Anxiety and Phobia workbook and see where that takes me.

I chose the picture above because I love the mountains.  This picture invokes in me a feeling of peace and awe.  A peace that I desperately crave.  Until next time…

Feel the Wind…a poem.

cristian-grecu-265371 unsplash 500 pi

Miriam’s Art writes a poem about nature.  Specifically about hiking.  Enjoy!

Feel the wind.

See the sky.

See the horizon.

Up the slope.

Though I stink of sweat.

My brow is creased.

Though my joints ache.

I have found the summit.

See the expanse of glorious beauty.

See the expanse of mountain after mountain.

See the clouds in the distance.

Feel the wind.

Feel the sun.

Feel the moment.

Be quiet within.

Scarves available at VIDA!

barn owl snow leopard 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to inform you that she is a designer at VIDA!  She has two scarves for sale!

They are available at  Wow!  This is exciting!

One is the barn owl scarf and can be viewed at this link.

Another is the snow leopard scarf that can be viewed here.

Sorry!  The prices are $40.00 USD.  I can’t figure out the CAD equivalent because that will change day to day.  It’s different than my website price but it’s about the same I think.  Hopefully you will be interested!

Win Canada Geese and Sunset painting!

canada geese n sunset WPress 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to announce that you have voted for the Canada Geese and Sunset watercolor painting!  Win it on June 21 by liking, commenting or subscribing to my email list on Miriam’s Art Blog or  Enter now!  The winner will get the framed and matted Canada Geese and Sunset watercolor painting with free delivery.  Delivery by UPS.  Enter now!

Kitten Eye Pastel Painting.

kitten WPress 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her Kitten Eye pastel painting.  This painting was done at a time of relative calm.  The eye was the focus.

The blue purple of the eye with it’s reflection immediately draws the eye of the viewer.  The reflection is contrasted beautifully by the dark purple of the eye.  The blue of the eye contrasts well with the dark purple and the black shadow.   The blue grey background is reflected in the eye as well.  The fur is secondary in the painting although the cute kitten nose attracts the eye as well.

I finished this painting earlier in the week during a time of relative calm.  I was beginning to realize that many of my fears were in my mind.  It was my mind making them real and a threat.  On Thursday however I had a difficult day but I had just finished most of this painting.  It was doubly difficult because I did not have art to fall back on as a coping mechanism since I hadn’t started anything new!  I was at a loss.

The technique of the eye was challenging in this painting.  It even has a reflection of a cat in a window!  Luckily the eye was large enough that I could get that detail in.  The fur could have been done better.  I have just realized that if I put down a lighter color then add the darker fur color on top then it has more depth.  The shadows of the nose could have been blended more but the shadow had to be defined too.  The background was too blue and I had to add grey to make it look better.  This is the last of close up eyes for a while.  I wanted to develop my technique.  Now it’s time to move on.

As usual this painting is smaller since it is only of the eye.  It would be considered a pet portrait.  To order use the 8×10″ print and comment in the comments that you wish the Kitten Eye painting.