Yellow Rose Watercolour Painting.

yellow rose 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her Yellow Rose watercolour painting.  It was painted at a time of joy and reflection.  Slowly I heal.

The white of the edges of the yellow rose petals immediately attracts the viewer’s eye.  Then the yellow petals move the gaze down to the darker orange petals.  This gives the rose depth.  A beautiful yellow-orange rose.

This painting was done at a time of joy.  My inner fantasies have children in them, many of them mine.  Children are a source of joy and a wonderful part of life.  They are also a great responsibility.  It tires me sometimes to worry for so many.  My own children are travelling today.  Safe travels my loved ones!  Slowly I heal.

This is my second recent attempt at a rose.  The petals are difficult but the more I do the better I get at it.  This is a half decent attempt.  I will do a poppy soon.  I have decided that watercolour is the best for a flower with a crisp thin edged petal.  But I’ll still try it with pastels and see how it works!



Lady and Blossoms Watercolor Painting.

lady and blossoms 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to show her Lady and Blossoms watercolour painting.  It was done on a busy day.  Enjoy!

The intense blue of the eye of the lady draws the attention immediately.  Then the ruby lips bring the eye down to the chin.  The pale pink blossoms bring the eye to the brown and black hair.  The hair draws the view back up to more pale pink blossoms and the eye.

It was a busy day.  The subconscious is tired and fears.  I have to meditate and relax.  Slowly I heal.

This painting was done with Prismacolor watercolour pencils and Strathmore 140 lb Watercolour paper.  It is my first serious attempt with these pencils.  Any criticisms would be greatly appreciated.


Raven Pastel Painting.

raven 500 pi

Miriam’s Art shows her Raven pastel painting.  It was done on a day of stress.  Enjoy!

The glint in the raven’s brown eye captures the viewer’s attention immediately.  The detail of the brown and grey feathers is interesting.  The different shades of grey of the beak are impressive.

Today is a day of calm.  I am honoured by people in my fantasies.  People of old.  It is my collective subconscious talking to me.

Painting the raven on black paper was interesting.  The grey background contrasts well with the black of the bird.


Ravens…pastel and watercolor.


Miriam’s Art is comparing her two Raven paintings.  The first one is pastel and the second is watercolour.  Which do you like best?  Enjoy!

I have decided to start a new series:  Ravens.  This blackbird has always interested me.  It is so majestic and if it had had colour would have been more revered by ornithologists.  But alas, it is simply black in colour.  It is in Indian tales and often associated with bad.  But none the less, a beautiful bird.

Crouching Panther Pastel Painting.

crouching panther 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her Crouching Panther pastel painting.  It was painted at a time of extreme anxiety.  Slowly I heal.

The yellow stare of the panther captures the eye immediately.  The powerful muscles ripple in the black torso.  The three paws in the painting also show the ripple of muscles.

I painted this at a time of some anxiety.  I finished it on a day of relative calm after a day of extreme anxiety.  It seems that my subconscious needs me to be challenged by my fear of evil and what it can do to people.  But slowly my conscious mind is healing too.  The evil part of my conscious mind is getting better as it rests.  Courage is what I need.  Today is a day of calm and joy.  Challenges are easily faced with the help of a loved one.  God is helping too.  Slowly I heal.

I painted this panther on white paper to see what the black would look like.  Rendering once and then again after the second application made it a beautiful black.  So black can be done on white.  But I used charcoal instead of pastel.  Pastel would have let the white show through.  I’ve noticed that white charcoal is better and brighter than white pastel.


Hummingbird in Nest Pastel Painting.

hummingbird on nest 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is releasing her Hummingbird in Nest pastel painting.  It was finished at a time of joy.  Slowly I heal.  Enjoy!

The golden flecks on the hummingbird’s chest capture the viewer’s eye.  Then the green and purple flecks on the back attract your attention.  Finally, the nest brings the eye around and back up.

It was finished at a time of joy.  A time of rebirth.  I am happy.  Rejoice!  Enjoy!

This painting is part of my personal gallery and not for sale.

A walk in nature…slowly I heal.


I took a walk this morning.  Even though I was troubled by my inner voices.  I trusted God.  Slowly I heal.

I have to step outside of myself and heal.  I walked and feared that someone I trusted, an inner voice, would not be able to resist the temptation to harm me.  I faced this fear with God’s help.  Slowly I heal.  The walk was uneventful and God and I helped the friend control his temptations.  Slowly I heal.  It was good to get out and do something different.  I fear that I will be too enclosed and be talking to myself when my children leave.  I may be living alone soon.  But I will resist and get out more.  I have to look up an old friend.  I went to church on Sunday.  Met the priest at the church picnic.  It was nice and good to get out.  Slowly I heal.

If you are suffering from a mental illness, I recommend that you get out more.  Even if it’s just a walk in nature.  It will change your mood and produce endorphins that will make you happy.  It is relaxing.  Perhaps think of God as you do it.  If you need strength to face a fear to walk outside in nature, ask God or a good friend for help.



My Dilemma…a part of my healing journey.

alexandre-godreau-265144 unsplash 500 pi

I have been talking to my delusional self.  It is made up of male lovers and some evil men.  As well as women.  I have to be careful to keep a grasp on reality.  Slowly I heal.

My psychologist has encouraged me to talk to my delusions.  I can’t get my subconscious mad or block out the delusions.  I have to help them all to heal.  My daughter expressed concern that I would be in my own little world again and would become ill.  I am still taking my medication and I have to communicate with my delusions to help them to heal but also to help the most evil to heal.  I fear evil and that evil part of my conscious mind which I think is the most closely linked to my subconscious.  I am communicating with my subconscious through dreams and symbols in paintings.

The Evil One in my delusions is in the minds of the good people forcing their thoughts and forcing them to rape people although he himself is not raping anymore.  He also has bad workers we call Bad Dominants who do the same thing.  Just recently, a lover was controlled by him but another dominant lover helped to kill parts of the Evil One and his Bad Dominants.  They are duplicated.  They enter a persons mind as a flea and mutter and listen to control.  The way to kill them is to squash them between the thumbnails.  Has anyone ever heard of anything such as this or know what this could mean?  I am at a loss.

I have multiple lovers as delusions.  Some are dominants and some are not.  The Dominant is helping me but even he at times has the Evil One in his mind.  Jim, another dominant lover, is now better and has been saved and is strong.  Is it my conscious mind trying to make my subconscious mind scared or is it my subconscious trying to tell me that it is scared?  What do you think?  Please comment below.

So I have a dilemma.  The more I talk to my subconscious the more the danger that I lose myself in my delusions again.  I keep a grasp on reality by focusing on my dreams and painting symbols from my subconscious.  Interaction with my children also grounds me in reality.  Just doing daily functions grounds me as well.  If I have something to do it is better.  I am less controlled by my delusions.  Presently all is quiet.  I have two core groups of lovers who protect me and presently they are getting along well.  They are on high alert about mind control.   And they protect me from the Evil One.

Slowly I heal…:)

Photo credit:  Alexandre Gadreau on Unsplash.