Akeira is recovering…

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Akeira is recovering fine!  Thank you for all the prayers!

My daughter’s husky, Akeira, has Addison’s disease which is a disease of the adrenal gland.  The adrenal gland produces life-sustaining hormones.  There is something wrong with Akeira’s adrenal gland.  This can be helped with medication.  So now she is recovering.  It took a 24 hour period to get the blood tests back to know for sure what was wrong with her.  The steroids they had given her helped but then they wore off so she was back in the emergency, sick again.  It was a very scary time!  But now she is better.  She is like a child to us, a part of the family.  And greatly loved.  Thank you, God.  And thank you to everyone who prayed for her!


photo credit:  Glen Carstens on Unsplash


Cougar and Cub Pastel Painting.

Cougar and cub 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her Cougar and Cub pastel painting.  Please pray for Akeira, my daughter’s husky.  She is ill.

I quickly finished this painting this morning.  I couldn’t concentrate.  My daughter’s dog Akeira is ill.  She may have Addison’s disease.  We’re not sure.  I ask now that you all pray for her.  She is an important part of our family.  Please God let her get better and help us figure out what’s wrong with her!


Critique of Watercolor Brush Pens.


Watercolor Brush Pens 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to critique Watercolor Brush Pens.  They’re like watercolour markers.  Enjoy!

I went to the post office today and this was my surprise!  I ordered these a while back and forgot about it.  So I tried them today.  Here’s the resulting painting.

Watercolor Brush Pens Painting 500 pi

The Watercolor Brush Pens were not good in doing a wash as you can see with the blue and the grey.  However, the dark green for the trees was perfect.  So my final critique is that they are like watercolour markers.  Good for precise and small work.  Not good for laying down a background.  In fact, you would use them up quite quickly.

I also ordered watercolour pens with a water reservoir.  I’ll use these when I do watercolour painting in the field.  I now have more than one size so that I can add detail or do washes.

Have a good week.  Remember, never stop fighting!

Staying calm and dealing with inner demons…

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I have been distracted lately.  Dealing with my debt and dealing with increased anxiety.  I have calmed down.  Slowly I heal.

I postponed my meeting on Monday because I was stuck in the driveway.  The ice storm was over but the snow was hard and icy.  Finally, I went out on Tuesday and almost got stuck.  I babysat my grandson and on the way home my inner demons surfaced.  I shovelled what the plough had left for me when I arrived at home and then I quickly went in.  I learned not to pay too much attention to my inner demons.  Talking to them for too long made it worse!  It’s my subconscious trying to tell me things.  My subconscious is more frightened than my conscious mind.  I have used positive counterstatements to help my conscious mind.  Now I remember that I have to use positive counterstatements when going out.  To say them as I deal with daily errands.  I had an appointment yesterday and was relatively calm about it.  I even picked up some groceries.  Then I exercised in the afternoon.  This helped a lot.  Today I ran some errands.  I am trying to do more in the afternoon.  The winter has made me so ingrained in my morning routine that I am tired by the afternoon and don’t want to do much.  I’m trying to do more in the afternoon.  Slowly I heal.

Today I plan to paint and go for a walk in the afternoon.  I picked up a delivery at the post office!  I have no idea what it is!  I have something to look forward to.  Luckily I don’t have to shovel today.  I pray that all the snow will melt.

I am staying calm and not talking to my inner demons too much.  But I am making my subconscious aware that we are safe.  That no one is after us.  No one is interested in us.  It’s been over 50 years!  I look forward to talking to my psychologist.  I have made a list of questions for him as well as a list of what my subconscious is trying to tell me.  I have a second psychologist that I have to phone today.  Note to self!  By staying calm and rational, I face my fears and my inner demons.  Slowly I heal.


Tiger Cub Collage WIP Pastel.

tiger cub collage 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to show the work in progress (WIP) of her Tiger Cub pastel painting.  You can see the progression of the painting in this photo.  Enjoy!

First I drew the cub and then I worked on the eyes.  It’s not until the fourth picture that I have added yellow to the blue over the eye to make the contrast less.  It helped a bit.  I should have done it for all of the blues I realise now.  I will before I apply fixative.

Then I added the colours of the fur.  I had to move the nose over.  It was slightly to the left and wasn’t centred.  I lay down all the colours except white first.  Then I added the white.  Then I rendered.  Afterwards, I went over with a white charcoal pencil to make the fur more realistic.  I haven’t rendered to the left of the nose as you can see.  I have to go back and do that.  I still can because I haven’t applied fixative yet.  The fixative will make the painting a bit darker.  At the very end, I put in the individual hairs and whiskers of the cub.

Sorry I labelled this as a cougar cub earlier today.  It’s not true.  This must be a tiger cub.  I’ll be doing a cougar mother and cub next.  Why the cub?  Because I now have a grandson!  Hallelujah, he is a miracle!

Tiger Cub Pastel Painting.

cougar cub 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her Tiger Cub pastel painting.  This painting was done on days of extreme anxiety.  On the worst day of anxiety, I couldn’t even paint!  Enjoy!

The eyes of the tiger cub draw the attention of the viewer immediately.  Then the highlight on the nose brings the eye to the pink of the nose.  The white of the fur contrasts well with the orange, brown and black fur.  The yellow eyes hold your gaze.  The glints in the eye as well.

I had great anxiety this week.  I had two meetings and general anxiety.  Anxiety about my everyday life but also anxiety about my psychologist.  This resulted in a week of stress.  Then I realised that I would not be keeping up my website and slept badly.  On Friday the 13th I woke up an hour early, stressed.  I anxiously worked on my website as you all know.  My anxiety was so great that I wasn’t thinking clearly.  I must admit that it’s a relief to be posting just to the one art blog.  Also, I was worried about the weather forecasts.  My everyday problem is still up in the air.  I have a meeting Monday.  My anxiety about the weather has calmed because the storm is here.  Nothing that I can do about it now.  I have warned people that I am not driving anywhere!  A freezing rain storm is in the forecast.  Maybe power outages even!  Friday was so stressful that I couldn’t even paint.  I was scared of ruining the painting.  One daughter laughed and said that she watched horror movies all day.  I watched the television and tried to calm down.  Another daughter said not to worry about the things that I can’t control.  Good advice.

The eyes of the tiger cub were a challenge and I tried a new technique.  I added blue to the white reflection and blue below the eye on the eyeball as well.  I don’t like the result.  I tried to add yellow to the blue but the contrast between the eyeball and the blue is too stark.  I’ll have to try something else next time.  The nose and the reflection worked out well.  The fur was a challenge and I used white charcoal to add depth.

As usual, if you love this painting please contact me at miriamsart@outlook.com for purchase.




WordPress.com vs wordpress.org?

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So which is better wordpress.com or wordpress.org?  It depends on how much money you have to spend.

I have been posting with wordpress.com and wordpress.org for about a year now to see the difference in followers.  The number of followers on my art blog was about the same.  With my writing blog, the number of followers on the wordpress.com site was higher because it was a newer site.  However, with wordpress.org I did get emails of followers when they commented.  So this was a plus.  However, I would have had to have extra money to pay for the host and for site protection (virus and malware) which I didn’t in the end.  So wordpress.org is more expensive.

You can have your domain name on either site, wordpress.com or wordpress.org.  A domain name is important since it is your brand.  It would cost me $24 to transfer the domain from the host site to WordPress.  I would do that for both my art domain and my writing domain.  I’ll see if I spend the money or not.

So all in all what would I recommend?  If you are just starting out I would keep wordpress.com and wait until I had a bigger following before migrating over to wordpress.org.  With wordpress.org you need a host and virus/malware protection.  So It costs more but you can start building an email list.  However, with wordpress.com you do get email addresses if people sign up to follow your blog.  I would wait and enjoy the protection of WordPress until I had extra money to spend.  Let WordPress worry about viruses and malware.

Enjoy your day!


photo credit:  Glen Carstens Peters on Unsplash

A change to my business…

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Beware of Friday the 13th!  Be careful out there!

To decrease credit card debt, I have closed down my miriamsart.com site with Site Ground and wordpress.org. The site wasn’t as secure anymore because I couldn’t afford Jetpack or Akismet.  So I closed it down.  I recently posted that I am trying to decrease credit card debt so I am saying no to many things now.  One of them is my website.  This is very hard for me.

On top of that, I tried to post a last post to the site this morning.  However, I cancelled the service before I finished the post.  Duh!  I woke up early and couldn’t sleep because of the decision to close down my website.  Then I had a brain fart and cancelled the site before I could post that final post.  39 followers are now left in the wind!  I am so upset and so tired!  How could I have done that?  It must be because it’s Friday the 13th!  Be careful out there!  Hopefully, I won’t have to go anywhere today.  Tired on top of being the 13th and a Friday, I don’t know.  I’ll have to drive really carefully.  Hopefully, the followers are following me on Facebook!

I had a site with wordpress.org and a site with wordpress.com to see the difference with the number of followers that I had.  They were about the same.  The main difference was that with wordpress.org any time someone commented I was able to have an email address.  This helped to grow my email list.  However, I haven’t done anything on the email list yet.  I didn’t have the time, the energy or the money.

So I have simplified things in my business yet again.  Slowly I heal and I never stop fighting!

photo credit:  raw pixel.com with unsplash

New Article Highlights Jaguar Corridor Initiative

Interesting blog about jaguar corridors!

The Jaguar

Jaguar by Erwin Cortes. CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Back in February of 2016, I released a post about the importance of landscape connectivity for tigers. Populations of large mammals that become isolated are vulnerable to local extinctions, as a result of: inbreeding, stochastic events (natural disasters and other unpredictable happenings), poaching, and more. This new article by Becky Ferreira highlights a crucial project designed to maintain habitat connectivity for jaguars.

Jaguars are unique among large predators, in that they have no genetically distinct subspecies. All jaguars, ranging from Southern Arizona to Northern Argentina, belong to the same species. But the genetic integrity of Panthera onca is increasingly threatened by habitat loss and fragmentation. That’s where Panthera’s Jaguar Corridor Initiative comes in.

The big cat NGO (non-governmental organization) Panthera is attempting to maintain landscape connectivity for jaguars. For years, they have been systematically determining which routes jaguars are using to move…

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Moving forward…

lake 500 pi

I have seen my psychologist.  It went OK but now he wants me to do something that I’ve been dreading.  I struggle with my debt and put my business on hold.  I’ll be painting soon I hope!  Enjoy your week!

I was very distracted before going to see my psychologist.  My subconscious was more afraid than usual.  I am fearing the one who did me wrong when I was a child…my babysitter.  My subconscious is happy that I’m going to see a psychologist but I am stressed and distracted.  I am not happy.  I was warned, I think, not to say anything and now it’s stressful when I think of what I’ll say.  I’ll be honest and tell him all.  A lot of my anxiety stems from my babysitter finding me.

It has been so stressful that I haven’t painted.  I will today though.  The stress has passed since I saw my psychologist yesterday.  He was a very nice man.  Easy to talk to.  We just talked generally about my mental illness and about who I am.  He said that it was important that I talk to my mother about this.  I was hoping to spare her.  But he’s right.  Only she will know some things.  She doesn’t know anything about why I am mentally ill.  I’ve tried to keep that pain from her.  My psychologist suggested that I write down questions that I’ll ask her.  I’ve started doing that with the help of one daughter.  I really am not looking forward to this.  But you see my father and older brother have passed.  They would be the only other people I could have talked to.  So that leaves my mother.  She’s 80 years old for goodness sake.  I really don’t want to bother her with this.  But I must.

I am starting to save money.  I’ve put my art business on hold and will still be painting but I won’t be spending money on it like I used to.  I have to decrease my debt.  Specifically my credit card debt!  It’s so hard saying no.  My business has been very important to me!  But slowly I’ll pay off my credit cards.  Then I’ll be able to spend freely again.  But not with my credit cards!  Duh!  I am paying off the card with the least amount on it first.  Putting all of my money on to one card and doing minimum payments with the rest.  But be careful if you are over the limit on your credit card, you have to pay that off too or all of a sudden you’ll have a huge bill.

I will be painting a cougar cub next.  My inspiration is my grandson Erik.  I babysat him yesterday.  Apparently, he can roll onto his front now and he’s talking a mile a minute.  Not with words, but with sounds.  And he’s such a happy baby except that he’s teething.  He is a joy to watch.  And a reason for me to heal.  Never stop fighting!

Enjoy your week.  Know that I welcome your comments.  Others who read my blog do too.  You can help others by commenting and giving examples of how you are coping…maybe with credit card debt.  Enjoy!